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Quote: Originally Posted by allgoodthings So someone said that this would probably look better uncuffed. I tried it again today -- thoughts? WvG W+H CP
Quote: Originally Posted by future22 Especially considering the new MPBs are coming out in the next few weeks. See Apple Insider and MacRumors Sandy Bridge, woo hoo!
Second attempt at this fit pic thing. Trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. I'm having trouble working these pants into a fit. I have wide hips for my height and large calves. Tried to get these pants tapered some more at the tailor, but she said that she would highly recommend it due to the size of my calves or whatever... Not sure what to do about these pants. I know SF hates on cuffs big times, but they look retarded uncuffed. Thoughts,...
First WAYWT. Criticisms would be great! Krane W+H Nudies W+H
Mauro, will you guys be getting a restock in your white BD and AD shirts?
Free bump for an extremely helpful seller. Thanks, jtoddaz!
Quote: Originally Posted by Oasis The code was Christmas10 I believe, expired on the 16th or around then. Darn, well, thanks anyway. If anybody knows where there might be a discount code floating around, please let me know! $415 + shipping for a pair of sneakers is a hard pill to swallow when I know they go on sale every so often.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhe0417 Does anyone know where I can get some MMM GATs on discount (even if only for $100 off). Really been wanting a pair lately, but can't bring myself to swallow the $415 hit. Thanks! Any comment on this? I'm also really curious about the answer to this. I remember seeing some Christmas code for the Margiela e-boutique floating around that gave 20% off and free express shipping...?
Hey sipang, Could I get the measurements for the Margiela, please? Thanks!
Bump for some awesome stuff. Wish they were all one size smaller.
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