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Quote:  Does that mean perhaps "Style in the City" starring Steve and Andy   or maybe- "Dressing the apple " with Steve and Andy?  John I wanna be a queststar or your pet or something on the show JohnG: You can be in charge of my collar stays.. "Style in the City" has a nice ring (better than Fashion in the Fjords). Andy
Quote: Plastic is on clothes cuz my kids have cats that like to hide in my closet.   Steve: Not just the plastic, but wire hangers.. "No wire hangers..." -- Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the 1981 movie "Mommie Dearest". And re our photos:  compare our tie knot dimples..  Not to mention that we're both standing (jacket should be fastened) and inside (wearing a hat?).   As long as we're having fun.. Great story.  Leonard looks marvelous....
Hey chicken hawk: When I went to KSU, not only were there no computers, we had to all share the book. Andy
Gentlemen: The Forum is still down and it's entirely my fault. I can tie a perfect dimple under a tie knot, but when it comes to anything more technical.... I tried to compact the database on the Forum and I don't even know what that means.. Well it didn't work and I have two tech friends and all of XO working on it. Plus I'm off to France for a month. BTW don't ever let me work on your car. Thanks for your patience. Andy
I'm selling some VHS tapes, new, and still shrinkwrapped.   Great titles and a very low price. http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws....rows=50 THANKS Andy
XO just fixed the problem. And, good news, they are looking into the Forum slowness. Andy
Nothing to do with excess traffic or cost. XO has an internal problem which they know about, now that I've yelled at them for 30 minutes. Sorry, a gentleman does not yell, I was expressing an opinion in strong terms. Yeah, that's it. The good news is they are now for the first time admiting that the Forum isn't given enough space and may actually fix it. We'll see. THANKS for the patience. Andy
Monograms (your initials embroidered) on your shirts were originally so that you got YOUR shirts back from the laundry. They were also standard on custom-made shirts and the real reason for their popularity and aura. "Monogram" means "to mark with a design composed of one or more letters, typically the initials of a name". The word comes from the Greek "mono", + "gramma"; meaning "one letter". In recent years monograms have been regarded as ostentatious, especially...
Gentlemen, thanks for the concern. I presently use XO and it's not cheap. Around $85 per month for 8700 MB. But it's based on the traffic which if higher than normal is more expensive. That's what happened recently, the traffic was higher than the amount contracted for and when that happens XO pulls the plug if I don't add more resources at more money. The purpose of my site is to sell my book, The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes. I do get commission from the banner advs...
Lomezz: Yes the show is "too hip and trendy" and most of us may be "too staid", but that may be a good thing. Carson wouldn't be the first choice to advise one for business wear if you wanted any chance of success.. I'm with CTGuy, you've just got to suspend reality and enjoy the fun. Although it's difficult to do when you know lots of guys are looking for the "correct" way to dress and take Carson's word for what is right. And discostu004 may have a great idea with...
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