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Bic: Wear your pants on your WAIST. Sophisticated men wear cuffs on their pants, and other sophisticated men notice. Cuffs are de rigueur with pleated pants especially suit trousers but they look great on casual pants too. They also serve a function of adding extra weight to the bottom allowing the pants to hang better. If you're going to wear the pants for any dressy events go for the cuffs. Andy
Lacing can be for style and/or comfort. Classic method - a simple crisscross with the lace going into the bottom eyelets and underneath the next eyelet and crossing to the eyelets on the opposite side. Horizontal - used for display purposes, but it can relieve pressure on feet with high arches. Bring one end of the lace straight up from the underneath the bottom eyelet to the top eyelet lacing the other end of the lace horizontally, then to the next eyelet on the same...
spencermiles: The suit sans tie sounds like a good approach. Here's some more tips: In very traditional circles, a gentleman never takes off his jacket in public. Andy
I agree. Less keys and a leather key case to keep them from tearing up your pocket. The leather case also keeps the other keys from hitting (and scratching) the dashboard of your car when the ignition key is in use. The old status symbol of lots of keys must = lots of responsibility is out. You only need a car key, house key and maybe an office key. Andy
Concordia: Of course, I've owned a pair. They were black and not only wore like iron, but had a very distinctive appearance. The sharkskin took polish well and the shoes were comfortable. Andy
SF Restaurants: Flor d'Italia 601 Union Street                                         415-986-1886   Harris' Restaurant 415-673-1888                       Foreign Cinema 2535 Mission Street                                   415-648-7600     Moki's Sushi and Pacific 830 Courtland Ave 415-970-9336 Bruno's                                                         2389 Mission Street    ...
j, buddy: I know how you feel.. Andy
Just to add a difference of opinion about Charles Tailoring on Olympic.  I had heard about him and took in a very simple job just as a test. I ask him to put cuffs on a new pair of unfinished trousers.  When I picked them up they were at least an inch too short..   He fixed them, but wasn't pleasant about it (that's the second test of a tailor). And he was four times as expensive as my usual tailor in Hermosa Beach. Andy
We changed the server system to MySQL, which many of you recommended, but it doesn't work with the Snitz software so we're changing back until we can figure out whether we want to change to a different Forum or change the Snitz software to mesh with MySQL. So the Forum was down for some of today. THANKS Andy
Metric Sizes are 2.54 times U.S. inches Andy
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