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5thAve: Double vents are dressier than a single vent. Double vents add shape to the jacket by emphasizing the outside lines of your body and gives a taller image. The no vent Italian look is the most dressy but due to the lack of give in the jacket, care should be taken that you don't put both hands in your trouser pockets and make the jacket ride up. The single and double vent has its origins in horseback riding to split the jacket so the rider could sit on the horse...
Thanks for the concern. Just that we've outgrown the Snitz Forum softwear with the new, faster, better, server and will have to do a minor upgrade. Andy
Alex: I like the new marketing slogan, but do you need to takeover a laundry service now to round out your corporate family? Drool-Inducing Shirtmakers & Haberdashers, but drool resistant, easy to clean fabrics. Andy
Quote: I just wish that someone with a clue about proper punctuation would buy it and change the name from Lands' End to Land's End. Andrew V: That Lands' thing was a typo made in the original catalogue printing. They just decided to keep it. Andy
Belt sizes are two inches wider than your waist size in even numbers. So if your waist measurement is 34 you buy a 36 belt. Belts are sold only in even number sizes. If your waist is an odd number, 33 for example, it's better to go up one notch to a 36 belt and not the 34. The buckle tongue should fit into the center hole (usually #3 since most belts have five holes) so that the tail ends up just past the first loop on your pants. Andy
Kevin R: from The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes: How to deal with the dreaded necktie stain. In an emergency, baby powder can absorb some oils, sprinkle it on let it sit and brush it off. (If you carry baby powder with you.) You can also daub the spot with a section from the inside of the narrow end of the tie (but then you may have two stains to deal with.). For home necktie cleaning you can use a solvent such as Energine Cleaning Fluid. If you can, put a cloth or...
cuffthis: I've been known to disagree with Alan. When I first read this, I though it was his sense of humor, but Alan doesn't have a sense of humor so it must be a mistake or ghost written.. Well, I'll be writing yet another e-mail to Menswear.. Andy
I remember attending several cigar smoker events at the Dunhill store in Beverly Hills. We would smoke cigars right next to their expensive suits. When questioned, the manager said that the cigar smell was gone from the suit fabric the next day. So if everyone would smoke cigars and not cigarettes.... Another method is to put the garment into a plastic trash bag with several fabric softener sheets for a day or so to get the smoke smell out. Andy
Alex - it's not steroids, I don't even like Baseball. You noticed.  Yes we just (this morning) changed over to a new server.  Hope this will work great, but as always there will be some bugs (not moths..). We'll see how it goes.  THANKS for everyone's patience, and I appreciate the donations and support of the site by using the advertisers there. We may just be able to pay for this new server.. Andy
Rallymonster: Always use de-mineralized or distilled water (available from drugstores and grocery stores) to keep the iron's insides and steam portholes clear of mineral deposits that can build up. Some irons are designed to use regular tap water, but it's still wise to avoid tap water that is "hard" (high in mineral content) or has been softened by a commercial process. Also check the garment label for the iron temperature setting and follow it. Scorching permanently...
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