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soph mentioned moving to Italy. I just came back and the one fashion difference that struck me was the bright orange, yellow, burnt Siena!, trousers on many of the men! Andy
Mink oil will water poof and preserve leather, but it can darken lighter shades of leathers. Andy
The problem is not getting Connemara to the Ask Andy CSE event, BUT making sure he goes home!!!
Many men who had military service wear black socks no matter what color their trousers. The military issued black socks for every color - khaki, navy, olive, etc. So those who have served think that's the norm. I can't believe that Matt was in any military service, but maybe he learned sock etiquette from his father. Anyone have his e-mail, I'll write to him and set him straight!! Maybe I should mail him a copy of the CD-rom Encyclopedia of Mens' Clothes! Andy
thinman: Thank you and I'm sure I speak for J in saying it's totally our pleasure! Andy
Bengel Stripe: Thanks for the clairification. Also let me clairfy there is no such thing as an "AAAC seller on ebay". Anyone who is a member of the Forum sells without my endorsement. chobochobo made it clear in the post with a "prominent member of the AAAC forum who sells on ebay". I contacted that member and understand that he has contacted chobochobo and they are working it out. but I would like to hear the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I'm going to try and make this one...I want the opportunity to drool over Kabbaz bespoke Connemara: You drool; you buy! Looking forward to talking to everyone! It's going to be fun! Andy
TravelLight: "Fashion passes, style remains." -- Coco Chanel (1883-1971), founder of Chanel Finding your own personal style and adapting it to conform with society is a trip you make alone! Review this as one of the first stops: Andy
For New Year's Eve only. Christmas is more casual - at home unwrapping presents and then to a friends house for dinner! Happy Holidays! Andy
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