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So, if you ignore GQ, where do you look?
Thanks for your help guys. I think I will start posting things like this more often. I'm often frustrated with how my suits fit and appreciate your perspective. And I've recently become a little crazed with feeling like my suits are outdated because all of the magazine pics I see are short and super skinny. The perspective you guys have is less about fads and more about looking your best. Funny - the color is way off in these photos. The suit is a beautiful, deep...
Based on lapel and tie width only, which tie?
I have a general question and a specific question. Generally, I'm a bit frustrated with the current fit of suits - shorter jacket, skinny everything. I'm 40 and in excellent shape, but I sometimes get confused about how to look good without being trendy. After reading GQ and generally shopping around, I'm left feeling like all of the suits and sport coats that I've purchased over the past five years are suddenly outdated. Any advice or threads you can point me to about...
$12 Paypal payment sent for: #18, 20, 23, 27
I live in Chicago. Should I put them away after Labor Day?
I live in Chicago. Do I need to put my dirty bucks away after Labor Day?
I've been looking at a some of these threads and am considering some colored laces for my dirty bucks and a pair of dk brown suede wingtips. Neither of these shoes came with waxed laces. Can someone please tell me when to use waxed laces and when to use non-waxed laces? There are plenty of 'cheap' non-waxed laces available in a multitude colors, but it seems like that may look like I bought sneaker laces and threw them on dressier shoes. But, neither of those pairs of...
I have a new khaki suit that I'd like to wear for a 2 pm wedding on Memorial Day weekend. However, the reception isn't until 7 pm. It seems pretentious to wear a different suit to the reception. I wouldn't wear my khaki suit to an evening wedding, but is it okay to wear my khaki suit to the evening reception since I already wore it to the wedding earlier?
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc If it was pants, there is a guy local to me in wheaton who is good and if it was leather a lady in yorktown. . Who is your Wheaton guy? Do you only trust him only for pants? I live there, too, and need some pants and jacket sleeves done... Thanks. ETA: oops... i just read the rest of the thread and saw your comments about Squire. will check them out. (and read the whole thread next time...)
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