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Are you in Seattle? If you are then I have an idea!
Any of you wise SW&D SFers know if it's possible to get a one button tuxedo with a slimmer than usual notch lapel? I have this in my head but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I found one similar but with a peak lapel. Does this sound like a dumb idea because it's a tuxedo?
Quote: Originally Posted by Realest naw i would'nt do that it might damage the jeans o yeh and I dont wash them too much so thats not it either This is your problem. You've just indicated that you washed your raw denim. Don't wash them at all until you see some level of fades. You can wash them ever so often and they will still fade but there isn't going to be erection-worthy contrast. Sounds like you're looking for erection-worthy fadez.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow These photos make you look like the coolest motherfucker on the planet. May I contact his services as my own personal photographist? Apparently, I need help apppearing to be a cool motherfucker. You should do this. It would prove that quality pics make a huge difference. Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus H&M linen (anyone got this shirt in a medium they want to part with?) Ernest...
I've got narrow feet so I just got a narrower size (+1/2 size down). The size options on the Indy are countless.
Kind of looks like JDMay.
You don't browse here much do you? This kind of info is all over the place. BTW, I'd say they run about a half size large. No way it's 1.5 sizes above reference.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that more of you should get engaged and get some women on SF. But... in the future, I think that the belt goes over the patch. The patch should only be exposed to show that you are wearing some sweet JNCOs. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I dunno. I paid for that ostrich and I want people to know it's on there. This is easily my favorite of all the back pocket...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I think it's the top floor of the water tower at Volunteer Park. Correct. Places we hit up were Gasworks Park, Volunteer Park, Post Alley, Pikes Market, city streets, Queen Anne overlook and other places around these locations. There are lots of great places in this city to snap some unique photos.
I'm about 10 pages late to say thanks to all the nice comments but THANKS! She said she first noticed me across the room because I was well dressed and then was further drawn to how great I looked in my jeans. The powers of raw denim are undeniable. There is hope of all SFers. Quote: Originally Posted by xchen I thought NPH was gay. There was one photo we took that had me even think I looked NPH-ish. This isn't it but...
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