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Usually the fit is quite large for those style jackets (Barbour/Belstaff), and with the original purpose of racing or motorcycles, I'd probably want the belt than not.It's very well-fitting
I've listed both of my recent classifieds on the bay, both auctions starting at .99 - 100% to charity Help a good cause. Common Projects Shell Toe Low Aaron Barak Bag
Posted on the bay 100% to charity
Posted on eBay 100% to charity Check it, they still have some up to sz10
Oiled the CP's, left a before and after.
I've come to terms with my duck feet I gave them a chance but these are too large (read: long) for me and CP still runs on the more narrow side. C'est la vie Barely worn, comes with original box, plastic shoe trees, shoe bag, and spare laces. The leather is looking a bit on the drier side, I'd be happy to oil them for the buyer (Obenaufs) Priced to move Paypal 3% + Free shipping CONUS
Selling an Aaron Barak weekender, very slightly used. I've had the bag for over a year and have only used it twice, the rest of the time it's been stored in it's dust-bag taking up precious room in my ever shrinking closet. The leather is a beautiful mocha color and very subtle. The only wearing present on the bag is a brief red stripe within the bag that can be seen in the photos and the burnishing at the edges of the lip showing a bit of cracking. I'm only accepting...
^ that's what happens when you go sans SF during the holidays On a positive note, I also copped culture's bball
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