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I can't recall for certain if the Canada Goose was already marked down. But I do know Barbour and Moncler were marked down. As was a ton of EG, Ervell, APC type stuff. Got a Bedale for around $215 after discounts. In either case, if the CG weren't already marked down I'm pretty sure the 20% off would apply towards the $300 purchase.
If you can get to a Bloomingdale's check them out. In San Francisco they had an extra 20% off purchases $300+ with the Bloomingdale's card through 12/24...I think Canada Goose was already marked down 30% or something. I know Barbour was for sure.
I have a brand new one that I've been sitting on for over a year now. Tempted to throw it up on the 'bay since I never wear it, but just can't bring myself to do it...yet.
So did you ever figure out if those wedges were "painted" so you could get them nice and clean?
[[SPOILER]] Beat off to Ryan Gosling much?Sorry guys, I couldn't resist a jab at the guy that bought Thorogoods because he didn't want to pony up for RWs then takes a jab at others buying RWs 2nds. Ok, now back to RW talk.
Amen. These are work boots not Gaziano & Girlings or John Lobbs people!
Picked this up earlier this year but it's a touch too snug for my taste. Only worn about half a dozen times. Excellent condition with no major creasing, fading, wear, etc. This Bedale was Made in England. Sold! P2P - 21" Shoulder - Approx 18" Back - 29" Sleeve (underarm to end of cuff) - 19.5"
I guess these are the holes you're referring to. It's about the size of penpoint and it's actually tucked behind the eyelets so they're not even visible. If this is blatant destruction of a boot then...well, I guess we can't all live in perfect world.
Just received my 9105 from STP. Ordered two sizes since I wasn't sure what to go with. IMO the defects weren't bad at all. The left boot of each pair had some minor scuffing or scoring.Pair 1Pair 2For $96 these don't really bother me because I'm going to beat the boots to shit anyway.
Purchased these several months ago, tried them on once and never wore them. $70 shipped. Tagged size 30. Waist - 16" Thigh - 11.5" Ankle - 7.25' Inseam - 36"
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