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This is a beautiful unstructured Barbera sportcoat that is 49% wool, 51% silk so it's perfect for the spring/summer seasons. Excellent condition with patch pockets, surgeon cuffs and dual rear vented. $150 $135 shipped. P2P - 22" Sleeve (shoulder to end of cuff) - 25" Shoulder - 19.5" Back (bottom of collar) - 31"
Have a nwot pair of Gustin's #27 straight leg jeans in 16.25oz raw Cone Mills denim. These are tagged 36, but measure to a 34. SOLD Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvage denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina. This is the heaviest all-American denim we’ve used to date! It’s super dense and has a very tight weave. The dark pure indigo color keeps it classic along with a traditional red selvage ID. Waist - 17" Thigh - 12.5" Ankle - 8.5" Inseam - 36"
Amazing suit in excellent condition. Button fly pants with 2" cuffs. Jacket is dual-vented, unstructured, with patch pockets and surgeon cuffs...perfect for summer. $250 $220 $190 shipped. Measurements: P2P - 23" Shoulder - 19.5" Sleeve (from shoulder) - 27" Back (bottom of collar) - 34" Waist - 17.5" Inseam - 35" Thigh - 12.5" Ankle - 8"
Just picked up the both the black and tan Addison. Awesome deal!
oops, double post
One reason I love San Francisco is with Levi's headquartered here every now and then you hit the sample jackpot in a thrift. 501s, 511s two pairs of Matchsticks and a commuter cargo. All samples so nwot obviously Best part is...all selvedge everywhere. The 511s are of the made in Japan blackline selvedge variety Since these are all my size and I'm keeping all but one pair I'm glad to say that the grand total for 9 pairs of selvedge and one non-selvedge was about...
Picked up nice pair of Church's wholecuts but can't seem to figure out what model they are. Anybody familiar with this one or able to decipher the chicken scratches? [[SPOILER]]
Summer essential cream 3-button RLPL linen blazer in excellent condition. Dual vent, ticket pocket, pick stitching everywhere. Excellent condition with no stains, tears, etc. P2P - 21" Shoulder - 18" Back - 30" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff) - 24"
Classic white N/F OCBD in excellent condition. No stains, discoloration or anything. Size medium but runs small/slim so please check measurements below. SOLD! Thanks for looking. P2P - 19.5" Shoulder to Shoulder - 18" Shoulder seam to end of cuff - 24" Length from bottom of collar - 28.5" Neck - 16.5" Waist - 18..5"
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