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Picked up nice pair of Church's wholecuts but can't seem to figure out what model they are. Anybody familiar with this one or able to decipher the chicken scratches? [[SPOILER]]
Summer essential cream 3-button RLPL linen blazer in excellent condition. Dual vent, ticket pocket, pick stitching everywhere. Excellent condition with no stains, tears, etc. P2P - 21" Shoulder - 18" Back - 30" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff) - 24"
Classic white N/F OCBD in excellent condition. No stains, discoloration or anything. Size medium but runs small/slim so please check measurements below. SOLD! Thanks for looking. P2P - 19.5" Shoulder to Shoulder - 18" Shoulder seam to end of cuff - 24" Length from bottom of collar - 28.5" Neck - 16.5" Waist - 18..5"
Haven't posted in a while. Some recent finds...all available. [[SPOILER]]
Pair of hardly used non-selvedge Ralfs up for sale here. These things are pretty much like new with no signs of wear and tear. These were originally a 30x34 but hemmed to a 30" inseam with original hem resewn on. Measurements: Waist - 15" Inseam - 30" Thigh - 11" Knee - 8" Ankle - 8"
The shoulders are lightly padded. Not unstructured, but definitely not Dick Tracy type styling.
Selling two awesome Zegna plaid sport coats that's are excellent condition. Both are fully canvassed, side-vented with no imperfections. Both are 42 R. $165 $150 $135 $120 shipped each. 15 MilMil 15 P2P - 22" Shoulder - 19" Sleeve from Shoulder Seam - 24" Back - 31" Trofeo P2P - 22" Shoulder - 19.5" Sleeve from Shoulder Seam - 24.5" Back - 31"
Have this funky Neil Barrett parka thing that has some really odd accessories. On the right chest is a whistle and the left chest exterior pocket has some type of tube blower type jobber. I really have no idea what these are for, but the coat is pretty badass nonetheless. Made in Italy, size large, it has a sewn in exterior vest which is wool and the rest of the coat is polyamid. In excellent condition with no rips, stains, or tears. SOLD! Measurements: P2P -...
Have both a black SOLD and gray +J 3-roll-1 blazers for sale here. These are size medium but run fairly slim so please see measurements below for accurate sizing information. Both are in excellent condition, fully lined, have dual side vents in the rear and pick stitching along the lapels, waist pocket flaps and side vents. Material is 98% wool and 2% spandex. Both are sold. P2P - 19 Shoulder - 16.5" Sleeve - 24.5" Length - 28"
Have several pairs only two pairs left of these pants that I need to unload. These are all new without tags. All sold Measurements: Waist - 16" Inseam - 34" Front Rise - 10" Thigh - 12" Knee - 8.5" Ankle - 7"
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