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My bad then, I may have confused the sizing thing with someone else on here. Case closed.
Seriously, please take your bitch session orgy to PM's or something because it's getting truly ridiculous. Anrobit - we get it, you don't think the 1K's are a very good quality boot. You've stated it multiple times even though you were asking for sizing advice on them about a week ago. I just don't understand why you spend so much time in the Wolverine 1K thread if you think they're not a very good boot. You kind of sound like the guy that got dumped by a chick and...
Excellent condition, made in Italy, single vented jacket. Center button on right sleeve has a small chip, but could be swapped with interior chest pocket button. P2P - 22" Shoulder - 19" Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff) - 28" Back - 32" Waist - 18" Inseam - 34" Thigh - 13" Ankle - 8.25"
Comparing $800 Vibergs to $350 (or less w/discount) Wolverine's is like comparing veiny bull penis to warthog scrotum. It's not an apples to apples comparison.
But they're Vibergs so that means that they're way cool and everything else is just junk.
How can you even keep those boots with all of their asymetric creasiness???
Amen. Some of the questions that are starting to pop up in this thread are just painful to read.
If you can wear a 42 then buy this now!http://www.endclothing.com/brands/barbour/barbour-international-original-jacket.html
Just wanted throw up some pics of a new cleaner I tried today on my tan Addison's. For some reason I would get these black dirt marks on my boots and I tried Lexol but that didn't remove it. Took the boots in to the cobbler to get a raptor sole/heel combo put on (which they didn't do because their distributor couldn't get them, dammit) and asked what he recommended for cleaning. This is Blackrock Leather 'n' rich and it seemed to work fairly well. The after photos are...
Have an amazing Brioni 100% cashmere sport coat in excellent condition. Functional cuffs, ticket pocket and just a touch of waist suppression. Sold P2P - 22" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve - 25" Back - 31.5" Waist 19.5"
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