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But they're Vibergs so that means that they're way cool and everything else is just junk.
How can you even keep those boots with all of their asymetric creasiness???
Amen. Some of the questions that are starting to pop up in this thread are just painful to read.
If you can wear a 42 then buy this now!http://www.endclothing.com/brands/barbour/barbour-international-original-jacket.html
Just wanted throw up some pics of a new cleaner I tried today on my tan Addison's. For some reason I would get these black dirt marks on my boots and I tried Lexol but that didn't remove it. Took the boots in to the cobbler to get a raptor sole/heel combo put on (which they didn't do because their distributor couldn't get them, dammit) and asked what he recommended for cleaning. This is Blackrock Leather 'n' rich and it seemed to work fairly well. The after photos are...
Have an amazing Brioni 100% cashmere sport coat in excellent condition. Functional cuffs, ticket pocket and just a touch of waist suppression. Sold P2P - 22" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve - 25" Back - 31.5" Waist 19.5"
I have the classic Bedale and the Ashby. Bedale SL is supposed to be just a bit shorter in length than the classic Bedale. Not sure if it's slimmer through the chest as well. Bedales also have the elastic cuffed inner sleave and the Ashby doesn't. Ashby does have the cordoruy trim at the cuff of the inner sleeve though. But I prefer the elastic action on the Bedale vs. the Ashby.
I'd suggest contacting Wolverine and asking if they will repair/replace it? Assuming you didn't throw it through a meat grinder or something.
Have both the navy and green twill backpacks that I need to clear out. In many ways I think these are better than the rucksacks. There are more functional internal pockets and padding, the straps are padded and also have wool on the undersides, still has the bridle leather and brass fittings in all the right places and has padded computer pocket. Made in USA of 22-oz. 100% cotton oil finish Rugged Twill with 100% Genuine Bridle Leather. These are brand new with tags....
Excellent condition Billy Reid plaid buttons shirt with button down collar. Size small in fit 2, made in Italy. Asking $35 shipped. P2P - 22" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve - 24" Back - 30"
New Posts  All Forums: