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Barbour Masthead is kinda similiar...
Someone should pick this up now! $100 after the discount.http://www.eastdane.com/wax-your-back-gant-rugger/vp/v=1/1570752389.htm?folderID=19407&colorId=57982
That would be me...because I had to PM you to figure out how the hell to describe that thing on ebay. I can't remember what it sold for but it was up around $70ish.
Brand new Barbour Bedale in olive size 36. This one is made in England and has all tags, care manual, Barbour pin, etc. Sold P2P - 22" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve (underarm to cuff) - 19" Back - 29"
I can't recall for certain if the Canada Goose was already marked down. But I do know Barbour and Moncler were marked down. As was a ton of EG, Ervell, APC type stuff. Got a Bedale for around $215 after discounts. In either case, if the CG weren't already marked down I'm pretty sure the 20% off would apply towards the $300 purchase.
If you can get to a Bloomingdale's check them out. In San Francisco they had an extra 20% off purchases $300+ with the Bloomingdale's card through 12/24...I think Canada Goose was already marked down 30% or something. I know Barbour was for sure.
I have a brand new one that I've been sitting on for over a year now. Tempted to throw it up on the 'bay since I never wear it, but just can't bring myself to do it...yet.
So did you ever figure out if those wedges were "painted" so you could get them nice and clean?
[[SPOILER]] Beat off to Ryan Gosling much?Sorry guys, I couldn't resist a jab at the guy that bought Thorogoods because he didn't want to pony up for RWs then takes a jab at others buying RWs 2nds. Ok, now back to RW talk.
Amen. These are work boots not Gaziano & Girlings or John Lobbs people!
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