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Brand new w/tags navy Barbour Ashby jacket. Sold Chest - 22" Back - 31"
I have a few Filson bags but recently switched from using the 257 to the rucksack for my work bag. One of the things I never liked about it was the shoulder straps because I felt they could use a bit of padding. I also have a Frost River rucksack that had padded buckskin straps so I had them make up these strap pads that I could use on the Filson. Normally Frost River only makes these in an 8" size so I had to custom order a 12" which I felt would cover my shoulders...
If anyone is interested in a new with tags navy Ashby in size medium I have one that I need to sell. Figured I'd throw it out to the thread before posting in buy & sell.
That's pretty cool. And should be a helpful piece for everyone.
Was just down at the Levi's store in San Francisco earlier today and they had a lot of LVC that was marked down 70%. Said they're bringing out their new stock so getting rid of a bunch of items.
Excellent condition PS Westbourne suit. Peak lapels, ticket pocket, pick stitching, etc. Sold P2P - 22" Shoulder - 19" Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff) - 28" Back - 32" Waist - 18" Inseam - 34" Thigh - 13" Ankle - 9"
My bad then, I may have confused the sizing thing with someone else on here. Case closed.
Seriously, please take your bitch session orgy to PM's or something because it's getting truly ridiculous. Anrobit - we get it, you don't think the 1K's are a very good quality boot. You've stated it multiple times even though you were asking for sizing advice on them about a week ago. I just don't understand why you spend so much time in the Wolverine 1K thread if you think they're not a very good boot. You kind of sound like the guy that got dumped by a chick and...
Excellent condition, made in Italy, single vented jacket. Center button on right sleeve has a small chip, but could be swapped with interior chest pocket button. P2P - 22" Shoulder - 19" Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff) - 28" Back - 32" Waist - 18" Inseam - 34" Thigh - 13" Ankle - 8.25"
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