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I'd suggest a shoe cream like Meltonian's or something rather than Kiwi.
Zanella windowpane pattern 100% wool. Tagged size 35 but measures as a 36. These are excellent condition. Like new without tags. $30 $25 shipped. Waist - 36" Inseam - 31.5" w/1.5" cuff Thigh - 12" Knee - 10.5" Ankle - 8.5" Polo Ralph Lauren Dalton cords. These are brand new with tags, lined to the knee, made in Italy and unhemmed. Tagged size 32, but measures closer to a 31. $60 $45 shipped. Waist - 31" Thigh - 10.5" Knee - 9.5"
+1...those are on fire!
blame drizzy drake for blowin them up!
I don't know where you live but I've seen them at the Bloomingdale's out here in San Francisco.
I ordered these boots a few weeks ago when they had the 25% off coupon and returned them right away. The leather looked really cheap, much cheaper than they do in the picture. If you don't have any higher end boots these would be ok starters, but if you've got any Redwings or Wolverine 1ks in your closet then these things will look like something from Kmart.
I wouldn't imagine you could use it for suede. Sno Seal is some thick stuff and I don't think it would take to suede at all.
Selling a brand new Gitman Bros shirt that I picked up recently but haven't worn. This isn't part of their Vintage line. Asking $45 shipped. P 2 P - 20" Sleeve - 24" Back -32" Shoulder to shoulder - 19"
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