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Here are some finds from today's run. Nothing baller status, but some decent stuff.40R Jaeger wool/linen/cotton s/c. I think this thing is actually pretty badass. Dual vents, hand pick stitching on the lapels, modern cut, nice and lightweight for warm weather. I actually have an older Jaeger that I thrifted and I like the fit a lot. If only this were a 38 I'd be rocking it. Available. [[SPOILER]] Sweet 42L Samuelsohn cashmere and silk s/c. Patch pockets, pick...
Nothing mindblowing here, but some recent finds that are all available. Balenciaga 16 1/2 New Orvis brushed cotton size L made in the good ol' U S of izAy. Think this must be NOS. Zegna hidden button down collar size Med. Smoke MOPs. Funky Paul Smith London plaid. 17x33. Old school Woolrich blanket coat size L. Polo Ralph Lauren unstructured navy blazer. Tagged XL. Basically new condition as the vents are still sewn shut. Samuelsohn...
Schott leather cafe racers are pretty dope if it fits. Banana Republic cotton jacket made in Italy, patch pockets tag reads Banana Republic Mill Valley CA; Schott leather jacket. My size and on the fence. Anybody have any insight on Schott? Zanella jacket size 40. No pleats. Hadn't seen a Zanella jacket so I grabbed it. And finally a pair of tailor made button fly chinos. Bought these at an architectural salvage place I visit from a box of vintage clothes. ...
Not a thrift store find, but feel this is still bragworthy since I got them for about 85% off rrp. John Lobb Phillip II in basically new condition. Just some minor creasing. Best of all...my size!
Not much luck today then I saw this and thought, "Ohhh yeah!" Then saw this and thought, "Moneeeey!" Then this and thought, "Yeaaaahhhh baaaaby!!! This is gonna bring some ebay coin!" Then I pulled it out and was like wtf? This is the smallest XL RG ever!!! Pretty sure it's a boys shirt. Didn't even know they made them.
barrelntrigger...see that little button down there that says Multi? Start making that your best friend. Thanks.
Was killing time before a meeting so stopped by a GW in one of the most ghetto areas of town today. Who knew I'd find a few decent things. Loro Piana OCBD and Borrelli and Zilli button downs. Was hoping these would be keepers since they're all size small, but the sleeves are only 22" from the shoulder. Crappy pics. Also picked up the most garish Versace ties at an estate sale for some reason.
Picked up a pair of Cheaney's today that had a fresh full resole. Could only tell they were Cheaney's by the size stamp. Then once I got em out in the sun realized that they must have been dyed black from burgundy or something because the original color was showing through. Couldn't see it in the store. Marked 10D, if anyone wants them they're available. [[SPOILER]] Also got a pair of Paul Smith linen pants in size 38. Also available. [[SPOILER]]
Damn, I need to gets me a pair of Hanovers Shells I guess!!!
I bust a nut when I find a good condition or recent Robert Graham. Those god-awful things turn crazy profits on the bay. Much better than I've done with the few Brionis or Zegnas I've flipped.
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