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Had a pretty nice haul today. Two Luciano Barbera 6x2's and two Gieves & Hawkes. All size 54EU, not my size so will be up in B&S soon. Only drawback is these were for a shorter guy. 28" inseam with about 3" to let out. Sorry for the craptastic iphone pics. The Barberas The G&H's
Just got my mocs in today. Ordered them about 2 1/2 weeks ago and was told they would take about 6 weeks but they were just delivered today. Gonna sno-seal them up tonight and break them in over the holiday.
Did you ever get this done? I was thinking of doing the same thing to mine. I usually go to Carlo's Shoe Service down on 3rd and Harrison. He's put the Christy sole on several pairs of longwings for me and does a decent job. It's about $60 and he can usually turn it around in a day or two at the most. If you did this post some pics. I've only seen one other person do it so far.
This is a beautiful older pair of Church's Custom Grade Ranch Oxhide wingtips that are nearly new. These have very little wear as you can see from the pictures. The embossed logo on the outsole and heel stamp on the insole are still very visible. The ranch oxhide leather has a tremendous texture and depth which adds a lot of unique character. Size is stamped as an 11B but please check the measurements below for sizing accuracy. I figured I'd try to sell them here...
Gonna be headed to Thailand in January and will be hitting up the bangkok store. Anyone ever been to that one by chance? Don't think it's been open too long.
Thanks for the info. This is the first Brioni I've seen in person so not too familiar with them.Measurements:JacketPit 2 pit - 20.75"Shoulder seam to end of cuff - 25"Shoulder seam to shoulder seam - 18"Back - 31"Pants (flat front)Waist - 16" approx 2" to let outInseam - 32.5" approx 2" to let out
Picked up this older Brioni today. Couldn't find much info about it other than what was on the small tag in the breast pocket. Even that didn't tell me much. Any ideas on how old this one might be? Not my size so I figured it'd at least be worth an attempt on flipping it on ebay.
Hit up a local discount store that always carries high end brands today as they were having an 80% off all previously marked down items. Managed to snag this BNWT 56EU Isaia Napoli Aquaspider tux at a huge discount. Not my size so I'll have to flip this one.
Hit up a Goodwill that I hadn't been to in quite a while and on my way out happened to spot some funky leather shoes sitting in a pile in one of the glass cases. They turned out to be these old Church's Custom Grade ranch oxhides. Can't find much info about them. There's no size indicator other than the 11B stamped on the sole. Can anyone verify if this is how Church's indicates their sizing? In any case, they're not my size so they'll end up on ebay.
I'm just looking for some advice and thought I'd try the forum. I apologize in advance for the long post but could really use some input from some folks that might know how to handle these situations from a legal perspective. Three months ago over the Labor Day weekend I got into a bicycling accident and ended up taking an ambulance ride to the ER. Had injuries to both my left and right sides but the main issue was my right shoulder. I've had a both an anterior...
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