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I wear an 8 in Desert Boots and an 8 in the Wolverine 1k miler's as well.
Just got my custom Frost River pack in today. Excited as shit for this thing. I went with their Vintage Pack style, but changed the dimension to 16"x13"x5" and added the padded buckskin leather straps. Waxed canvas, brass hardware, made in the USA, lifetime guarantee, I'm pretty happy with this thing.
Give this a shot to get the ring around the collar out.http://www.styleforum.net/t/4084/stain-removal-guide
I've done this from time to time. Found a pair of Florsheim Imperial Longwings several months ago that were in pretty good shape to begin with. But since I have several pairs of shoes in the same shade decide to take them in and add a half lug sole to them for the hell of it. I figured an $8 shoe with a $60 resole was still a better quality shoe than I could get for $68 new these days. Plus they have a lot more character.
Found this 40R D&G that's in really nice shape. Kind of a funky looking suit but figured it would fetch something on ebay.
Levi's flagship store in downtown san francisco has addtl 50% off all previously marked down stuff. This is almost everything in store. Calder selvedge jeans were marked down to $35. Matchstick and heshers were as well. 511 skinny selvedge were $25. This stock workshirt is marked down to $15 from $80. It's a nice heavyweight oxford with real MOP buttons.
San Francisco Union Square Banana Republic (I know BR sucks) have the sand DB's and grey suede DB's on sale for $35 right now. They're listed at $70 with 50% off all sale items. They still had most sizes in stock up to 11s and 12s in both other than 8.5s or so as of this afternoon.
Good to hear. If anyone wants dibs shoot me a PM before I put these up on B&S.
Check out the "official thrift/discount store bragging thread." Lots of folks have been finding tons of high-end stuff at TJ Maxx/Marshall's lately. I've picked up several Kiton 7-fold ties, as well as Canali's and Borreli's at my local Marshall's. Rumor has it they've picked up a lot of the old stock from Wilkes Bashford stores that closed.
Stumbled across these today. I can't recall who the resident Hermes expert is, but can anyone tell me what to look out for to verify authenticity? They each have the 11 to 5 weave pattern. Couple of them have the Neiman Marcus tag. Also came across this linen shirt by a brand I've never heard of called Quartet Parma. It was brand new with tags and I wouldn't have thought anything of it until I looked at the price on the tag. Anyone ever heard of this brand or...
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