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Looks like a 257...no matter what it is, awesome find!
Picked these up from Cladmen before they shut down and have decided I don't really need them. These are an 8D but they do run a bit large I'd say they would fit anyone tweening between and 8.5-9. These haven't been worn, as you can see...will come with original box and shoe bags. Just trying to recoup some of what I paid for these....SOLD. Thanks for looking.
I got my 256 on Monday from Glen's as well and it was smaller than I thought it would be so I'm exchanging for the 257. As for the discoloration, I wouldn't really worry about it. These bags are meant to get beat up so that stuff is going to happen over time anyway. It just adds character in my opinion.
I have a Daks patch pocket navy blazer available. Center vented and in excellent condition. No size tag but measures to a 42R
You'd have way better luck getting an answer in the Uniqlo thread in SW&D. http://www.styleforum.net/t/24752/the-uniqlo-thread/3180#post_5277482
Any bigfoots in the house? Have a pair of older AE Hardwicks in very lightly used condition. Size 12C.
That's brutal!!!
Is that a Banksy original???
Well I think this guy would win the prize for best thrift find. We need to get him on SF! http://news.yahoo.com/video/greenvillewyff-18211287/3-goodwill-store-purchase-earns-190k-at-auction-28519106.html
Just a PSA here...ebags has a bunch of Filson luggage on sale for 25-30% off. Unfortunately it's mainly the cordura type stuff and not the canvas bags. And I just got the email from Glen's that my tan 256 is on backorder until March 31st. Arrrrgh!!! The agony of the wait!
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