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Picked this up at a North Face sample sale but it's just a tad bigger than I would like so letting it go. These are normally $110...looking for $70 $65 shipped.
I bought these in December of last year but just haven't worn them enough to make it worthwhile. I only wore them about 6 times and they've just been hanging out in my closet ever since. I Sno-Sealed them when I first got them. Overall they're awesome mocs with super thick leather and these are the double soled version so they'll last for years. I was wary of how the leather sole would hold up on concrete, but as you can see they're barely scratched. Arrow just...
Excellent condition Steven Alan Chambray popover. No stains, holes, etc. Thing is badass. SOLD! Measurements: P2P - 20" Shoulder to shoulder - 17" Shoulder seam to cuff - 26" Back length - 29"
Have both a medium and large Filson oil finish trucker jackets. Both are new with tags, have the Filson wax and were only removed from packaging to take measurements. $185 shipped. Large: Pit to pit - 21" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve from shoulder seam - 24"
Have an excellent pair of JL Philip II's for sale. These are as close to new as you will find as they have only been worn around the house. Just couldn't manage to make these work for me so won't hold on to them. Includes original box and cloth bags. SOLD!
This is a NWT recent Zegna s/c in 44L. Nice cotton/linen/silk blend and has a deep emerald green hue to it with a bit of metallic sheen in the sunlight. It's fully canvassed and side vented. Pick stitched in the usual places - lapels and pockets. Missing the cuff buttons as I seemed to have misplaced them as they were never sewn on. $285 shipped. Chest - 23" Shoulder 2 shoulder - 19.5" Sleeve - 26" Length - 31"
Doing a little cross posting from the new thrift thread. Some finds over the past few weeks. [[SPOILER]]
I think I actually enjoy this thread more now that some of the folks have left for other pastures.
From what I've found Worthmore's were Florsheim's starter line. Here's a pic of the shoes cleaned up a bit. I still can't tell, dammit. Any experts out there?
Picked up these Worthmores today. Anyone verify these are shell?
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