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I bust a nut when I find a good condition or recent Robert Graham. Those god-awful things turn crazy profits on the bay. Much better than I've done with the few Brionis or Zegnas I've flipped.
This joke will never get old! Nothing mind blowing here. I know Ike Behar isn't baller status but found these "Tailored" sea island cotton shirts that are new w/out tags.Bunch of BB regular fit whiteys in 15.5x33Ferragamo skinny.Nice J Press 3/2 single vented, flat fronts pants.
Here's the measurements:P2P - 21"Sleeve (shoulder seam to cuff) - 25.5"Shoulder to shoulder - 19"Back - 31.5"Holla at cha boy!
I'll post full measurements later this afternoon but pit to pit was 21" and shoulder to shoulder was 18.5". The super 120's fabric is super soft and light so this could be worn year round. It's in excellent condition with no rips, loose seams, or stains that I can see.I'd like to send this out at no cost to someone that's a regular contributor to the board here because I've learned a sheeeitload over the past year and a half from this thread alone, but there are several...
Has anyone heard of the brand Eckerle from Germany? I couldn't leave this thing at the GW yesterday, especially since it was one of the yellow tagged half off specials. It's double vented, super 120s (E Thomas) and pretty badass imo. It's measures out to about a 40R...I will literally send this to someone for the cost of shipping. Somebody should be rocking this.
I wear an 8 in Red Wing GT's and Clarks DBs so I ordered an 8 in the ring boots. One of the boots was just a tad narrow for me. But lengthwise it was fine.
Yup, Goodwill flagship store out here. Which doesn't usually produce much of anything surprisingly. $8.99 baby!
I've sold several items to Japan, Australia and Russia over ebay. Never had any problems shipping USPS Express but recommend Priority if the buyer is willing to pay the extra to get the tracking and insurance service.
Couple of nice suits for sale. First up is a really gorgeous 42R Brioni 6x2 in excellent condition. This is definitely a fall/winter weight suit as the wool on this has a very substantial feel. Coat is dual vented, lining is perfectly intact. Pants are flat front with a 1.5" cuff so could be let out an additional 3-3.5" if uncuffed. Measurements: Jacket Shoulder to Shoulder - 18.5" Armpit to Armpit - 22" Shoulder Seam to End of Sleeve - 25.5" Back -...
Unfortunately these are all in the XL, 17" territory. Way too large for me.Yeah, there were no cables included so I'll have to hunt those down.
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