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"Painting the world blue with my ass"... I too am currently a partner in that crime!
That's unfortunate as the "new slim guy" fits me very well. I picked up a pair of Elephant 3's in that cut and they're a terrific winter weight (surprisingly comfortable too for 19 oz fabric).
These hideous specimens aside, I'm glad to see the denim Trucker III back in rotation along with the 1962 sanforized jeans.
LVC '67 505: "second skin" fit, high rise at the rear, tight at thigh and tapering at calf. Current 505: Dad jeans. Low waisted, straight roomy legs.
I weighed in earlier because this last is discussed above. I've generally worn 10 3E or 10 1/2 2E in AE and have 3 pairs of Tricker's boots on the W2298 last. All of them are UK 10, with the 5 fitting. There's initial tightness around the widest part of the foot, but the boots seem to adapt quickly. I have a fairly unusual foot shape in that my toes are quite long, midfoot is wide, arch is high and ankle narrow. Hope this helps.
Hi Unipair Guy, the Sierra Trading Post last is given above. Like I said earlier, it really works for me. I have the William Chukka in a lighter suede and the chocolate suede one that's listed as Aldo style. The William is a more substantial shoe with thicker sole, upper and broader welt. The "Aldo" is somewhat more refined, but both fit the same. Zippyh has identified the last model, I see.
I have two pairs of Tricker's chukkas (different models, same last) obtained from Sierra Trading Post. I too have a narrow heel and I've never had a shoe fit so well.
^ I believe the '47's are among the most popular offerings... that's why they sell out quickly. I picked up a black cord Trucker jacket and a pair of olive Beds and am most pleased.
I have the Bedford and I'm looking for more.
A couple of commas would certainly have clarified the matter! I really like the acorn colour... smashing with darker trous.
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