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If dextrine truly blocks fat absorption, why hasn't anyone put this into pill form so people can take one before every meal?
You mentioned sunken jowls (or double chin, what I assume you meant by 'tightness around the jaw' and you're so right this being a classic sign of aging/poor health); apparently sunken jowls is a side effect of propecia. Obviously, lifestyle choices such as diet and alcohol (and genetics) are known to directly cause sunken jowls. But a % of propecia users complain of it. Naturally, it can be argued these propecia users are incorrectly drawing conclusions as to propecia...
Surely there's more Propecia users who haven't posted? I'm still not on it for fear of what it will do to my endocrine system but am now thinking about it every day.
Quick story with a word of caution: My ex's best friend had a dominate (big) nose. Front-on it wasn't bad (it was large but thin, not heavy-looking on her thin frame/face) so she was still attractive, but profile-on it was the dominating feature...she ultimately decided to have work done. I have no idea what she thinks of the result of the $8k+ surgery (what she paid 5 years ago to an experienced surgeon in poshest area of big city in the midwest) but when we all first saw...
Signing up for options accounts, for instance, they require you to list net worth, income, etc... it's a bewildering form because it will get rejected if not meeting a certain threshold (which they will not tell you). Anyone know what the thresholds are? And by the way, margin accounts are required for trading shorts and using options. Which I find stupid as I have no interest or intention with trading on margin.
I've missed out on numerous trade ideas (options, shorts, FX) which would have paid off handsomely last year, all because I don't have the 25k min requirement needed to trade anything other than long buys. Basically, if you don't have 25k tied up in your account you don't get to play the game--you're locked out. Is there any way around this rule? Possibly by going through a normal brick-and-mortar brokerage as opposed to an online brokerage? Do overseas trading houses...
Japan's immigration control; Gulag for gaijinThere's a lot to this mans story we don't know... it's sensationalist and dubious, clear gaps to background story exist and he sounds like a dick--but even assuming his story isn't true, there exist other troubling Amnesty accounts. And from them one thing is clear: Japanese Immigration legally exist in a gray area, act with absolute autonomy, total indemnity, and bad elements can shake people down for money with...
Zegna? Do they offer or replicate the Zegna "suit-cut" or just Zegna fabric's but in their house cut (looking forward to a review from you)?Zegna suit cuts are among my favorite:
I bet the back of the jacket is bunched and pinned or clamped to give the desired silhouette (and bunching of arm sleeves). Fashion shoots are as fake as plastic surgery.Still, I prefer this look.
This is obviously a matter of taste; the above suit fits him like a second skin--a very proportional, very confident cut--and is one I prefer. It's cut close to his frame while not appearing exaggerated (as most skinny/slim cuts do) and that's the skill of the tailor at work.
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