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I've fallen in love with this bag, but haven't seen it in person. Anyone own one? Opinions welcome: http://www.barneys.com/%22The-Bike%2...efault,pd.html
With so many mens suiting brands, finding the "right" suit is an overwhelming process; and not living in a major metropolitan area is hampering my search. I badly need recommendations to form a short-list of brands/designers to focus on... What I'm looking for: a slim fit; where the armholes are cut higher and not so god damned wide (everything seems so fucking wide), nothing screams ill-fitting suit to me more than wide armholes on a suit, especially on a skinny guy...
Quote: Originally Posted by 300zx1985 Assume a S=XS ; M=S ; L=M for all Diesel clothing.. I actually like some of the Diesel black gold line, and I love my Thanaz Judging by some of the responses, you'd have thought I inquired about Ed Hardy not Diesel. Anyway, it's difficult to find slim cut shirts which fit well, and I wondered about Diesel, thanks.
Anyone intimately familiar with Diesel shirts please tell me; are they universally cut slim fit? If not, do they have a separate slim fit line? Compare them to other slim fit shirts (as far as cut and slimness) to either Calvin Klein slim fit or J.Crew slim fit (two I'm familiar with). Thanks. I'm interested in this Diesel shirt in a size small (i'd buy XS if they made it, does Diesel even make XS?), but at $220 I want to know exactly what I'm...
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