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Hi, Can anyone who has the Uniqlo Wool Peacoat comment on whether it is warm enough? I am from Singapore and I will be going to Sweden on exchange in Jan 2012. As we don't have winter here, I am unsure of whether the peacoat will be warm enough for winter. From what I found online, the average temperature lies somewhere between -5 to 10 degrees celcius. Also, can I also have some opinions on the Heattech socks? I have bought myself quite a few pieces of the Heattech...
Hi everyone, I am a 22yo undergraduate from Singapore. I recently got accepted to go on exchange to the University of Gothenburg for the Spring 2012 semester, starting in Jan 2012. Being from Singapore, a country where we don't have the 4 seasons, I do not have a lot of clothing that I feel is suitable for the weather that I am likely to experience when I am there. Thus, I would like to ask for the advice of SF-ers regarding what is a good packing list clothes wise.
Hi, I am interested in getting some shoe trees as well. I just emailed Cedarvillestores yesterday about shipping 2 pairs of Men's Combination Shoe Trees and they replied that shipping would cost $24.89USD. I also separately emailed the ebay seller for this item about a possibility of discounts for bulk purchasing. For 10 pairs, he estimated shipping to cost roughly $85USD and for 20 pairs, to be $160USD. He was also willing to offer a discount to $20USD per pair. Are...
Hi Edwin, would like to enquire if your shop carries any shoe trees or if you know of anywhere in Singapore where I can find good quality shoe trees?
Hi I'm in London right now and hoping to buy a good pair of black captoe dress shoes for around 150GBP. Does anyone have any idea where is the best place and brand that I should go for?
Hi, Do you offer international shipping (specifically, to Singapore)? How much would it cost?
Hi, Can I enquire how much international shipping (to Singapore) would be for the 2 RL shirts? Sorry to post here, I am a new member and cannot PM.
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