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If anyone who owns this season's westpoint chinos in a 34 could post some measurements - or direct me towards some accurate ones - i'd be eternally grateful. the measurements of different online stores are all over the place.
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade If you went with a 11.5E, I think that's pretty close to going with a 12D, correct? Yes I believe so Quote: In any case, I just gave Need Supply a rang and requested that they change my order to a 9.5 instead of a 9. Hopefully this works out and it's not too large! Triton, where did you pick up your Country Rangers from? Revolver, although they're out of stock now
In my experience this season's country ranger fits ever so slightly bigger than last year's (sole about an eighth of an inch longer for each size). I've no idea what my dress shoe size is, but wear a US12 in Nike and a US11 in Quoddy bluchers/maliseets. I went with a US11.5E in the country ranger although I think a US12 would also have worked for me. Working on the basis that I'm a US12 I found the advice on the epaulet site to be pretty accurate. Also worth noting that...
agreed, looks awesome
goodhood is saying the same thing: - Fits Small - Please Order 1 Whole Size Up From Your Standard Size - N.B. - We have found that all our current stock fit smaller than previous Quoddy shoes we own...
Quote: Originally Posted by kids No one wears size UK7.5? At least help me decipher their sizing chart... I mean i wear size 7.5=41.5 (UK) in C&J and it's equal to 26.5-27cm. I wear size 9US in Nike which is equal to 27cm. But according to this chart 26.8cm is equal to size 43 (Euro) and size 10 (US). And the guy at South Willard told me to get size 8 which according to this chart is equal to 25.2cm & size UK41. What the...
i've tried on their chinos a few times and although they're meant to have a 34" inseam i suspect it's actually shorter than that. Would be interested to see a leg measurement for the pair you bought hoit.
those bluchers are absolutely stunning, gl selling
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