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they're these:
Interested in: - APC New Standard indigo tagged 32 broken in with nice fades, leg unaltered - S/S11 W+H Westpoint Chino in Navy, Khaki or Olive Feel free to pm with info/price/pics etc
cold soaked a pair of virtually new new standard earlier that i needed to stretch out in the waist/thigh. wore them whilst wet, did a few squats, felt like an idiot, but got a lot of the stretch i was after (0.75" on the waist). what i hadn't factored in was the major accompanying knee bulge. i know it's often inevitable with raw denim but it feels like it's more severe than i would get through normal wear - that it's been exaggerated by wearing the jeans whilst wet,...
yeah the cords look great. did you size up one as the bureau suggests?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee ^I haven't treated mine and worn there around a 12 xs since I got them 3 weeks ago. Been thinking about putting some Venetian shoe cream on them. I used that on a new pair of Angler mocs in natural I got last week without any problems. cheers ritchee, let me know how you get on
Should I treat the uppers of a new pair of tobacco country mocs before wearing? If so any suggestions what with? Wary of using anything that would significantly alter the colour.
Those OL jeans are very nice but don't look to be the same as the ones you've linked on tres bien
Quote: Originally Posted by ffatt Any stores other than inventory or epaulet sell the Ranger Moc in Tobacco with the Crepe sole?
much obliged
both look great
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