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after a month of waiting for a pair of custom bluchers, quoddy kindly sent me someone else's order today
yes, it is
wow that really sucks
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 its been said before but.. as a rule of thumb, if your measured waist is 34 ns = 30 or 31. ps= 32 or 33 i think for ns most people would say size down 2-3 sizes. chessdan - it depends what kind of fit you want and also your body shape. for instance if you have biggish legs i wouldn't recommend sizing down more than 2.
i might be going mad but do the westpoint chinos have a sort of sheen to the material? quite a few of the pictures - especially those on tres bien - look quite shiny.
long shot I know, but if anyone has a pair of our legacy sun dried navy chinos in size Large for sale shoot me a pm.
babump is correct - when you place an order there's a 'notes' section where you can specify what you'd really like.
any chance you could add the length of the back (not including collar) for the size 4?
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