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Dover Street Market has part of their order in
Having only owned leather bluchers in the past, I'm finding that suede bluchers fit a full size smaller. Has this always been the case or has there recently been a change in sizing (as some webstores such as tres bien and goodhood have indicated)? In any given size, the outsole seems to be the same length in either material, but the insole of the suede blucher seems to be significantly smaller.
agreed, i would look elswhere if i were you. perhaps BoO? you look to have the right body shape for their slim-cut shirts.
length is definitely too long for my taste, especially given the trousers/shoes you're wearing (which look good)
looking for broken-in with nice fades indigo NS tagged 33 waist with leg length unaltered - please PM me details if interested.
Is there a great deal of variation in sizing from shirt to shirt in the same tagged size? I ask because I tried a size L gitman oxford in store and the fit was good. Bought this shirt online in a size L and the fit is completely different - flares out like mad at the waise and the arms are 1-2" short. Is this a familiar gitman problem?
bleh, oh well - looking for excuses not to return them.
do the westpoint chinos stretch in places other than the waist? pair arrived in the post today and they're ever so slightly tight on the calves - any chance i'll see a bit of stretch there?
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