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Has anyone had the collar of a gitman shirt altered to make it less big/bulky? Always loved gitman patterns/material but find the large amount of material around the top button a bit obtrusive. Would it be a complicated alteration to make the collar a bit smaller/more streamlined?
they should be fine for you going by the old sizing. i'd be interested to know what the pair you ordered measure across the waist, please let me know when they arrive!
also confused by the new sizing debate. had a new pair of ns 32 delivered today. the waist measures about 16 and a third inches laid flat. i'm a true 34 waist and I can't do the top two buttons up - not even close. Pretty much painted on on the thighs - seem impossible small. Confusing because I already own a pair of ns in size 32 which fit me well. I bought them second hand though they had very little wear. They were also too tight to start with - although I could do...
someone spilt some oily food on my leather tobacco country rangers this evening which has led to some discoloration of the uppers. sad times. if anyone has any advice about what (if anything) i can do to remove or lessen the appearance, it would be much appreciated.
really? i've found i have to size up on the bedford, not down. just my 2c.
as far as i know they haven't had the founding members preview sale yet, so if you're not lucky enough to be one of those there's likely to be a fair wait yet.
many thanks slide
could anyone tell me how the field parker fits relative to the bedford? I needed to size up to an XL on my S/S11 bedford and from what I've read this season's bedford fits similarly. Am I likely to need the same size (XL) in the field parker?
Dover Street Market has part of their order in
Having only owned leather bluchers in the past, I'm finding that suede bluchers fit a full size smaller. Has this always been the case or has there recently been a change in sizing (as some webstores such as tres bien and goodhood have indicated)? In any given size, the outsole seems to be the same length in either material, but the insole of the suede blucher seems to be significantly smaller.
New Posts  All Forums: