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thanks, that's what i was hoping to hear.
Can anyone advise how to size these jeans compared to the standard raw indigo new standard model? http://www.mrporter.com/product/387541 Are they likely to stretch as much?
Would anyone who has bought or tried on this season's lightweight pocket sweater care to comment on quality and/or fit? I've read that you need to take a size up from your size in the regular pocket sweater, and the measurements on the site seem to indicate this, but Ervell customer support suggested I take the same size in both which has left me a little confused.
OL sizing is all over the place. A couple of seasons ago their chinos fit tiny and last year their wool trousers came up small, but for the most part their legwear has fit true to size over the years. I'm a 34 waist and own mainly size 50s with a couple of 52s thrown in.
For anyone that might be interested, I tried on the turquoise pocket sweater in OC in London today in sizes L and XL. The XL was enormous - I'm 6'4" and if I pulled it down it covered pretty much my whole ass. The sleeves were also far far too long. I have some size XLs from FW12 and this fit much bigger. The L was a much better fit but tight on the arms. I also tried the grey melange on in size L and that fit bigger than the turquoise sweater in the same size (longer in...
If anyone who has this season's pocket sweater in Large or XL could provide measurements of the length of back (not including collar) and the arm length I'd be grateful. I've found the measurements on the ervell webstore to be hit and miss in the past.
My 2c on F/W 12 pocket knit sizing: I ordered two in XL (navy and 'black and grey') and the navy fits significantly bigger - p2p, arm length, longer in the body. No idea if this is the norm or I got some sort of rogue size in the black and grey.
not exactlyan update to what i said before:I bought another pair of ns size 32 from matches that arrived today (previous pair were from oki ni) and they fit significantly bigger. waist is 17" laid flat and can do all the buttons up.also about a half inch difference in the size is of the leg opening: 7.75" vs 8.25"not a fan of this wider hem size - all my old pairs of ns 32 are closer to 7.75.so at the moment apc sizing seems a bit of a lottery depending where you buy from....
Has anyone had the collar of a gitman shirt altered to make it less big/bulky? Always loved gitman patterns/material but find the large amount of material around the top button a bit obtrusive. Would it be a complicated alteration to make the collar a bit smaller/more streamlined?
they should be fine for you going by the old sizing. i'd be interested to know what the pair you ordered measure across the waist, please let me know when they arrive!
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