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I just got my benchgrade captoes resoled. They have a beveled waist and my cobbler was able to keep that intact no problem. They did a great job and look just as good as they did straight from KW.
Some of my favorite KW gear (brown captoes not included bc they are currently being resoled)
Kent - I have a pair of the dark brown benchgrade captoes that I love and I wear the hell out them. I've had them about a year and one shoe is starting to get a little hole in the sole/instep. Any recommendations for specific type of resoling? I definitely want to keep with the leather sole, but I know the heels have the nails and are channel'd, so I want to make sure I get them appropriately resoled.
Broke down and bought a real one. My friend is an architect and got me 50% off of a black/walnut Herman Miller chair and I couldn't be happier. Once this thing gets broken in a bit it'll be perfect. A different friend also bought my replica off of me so it worked out great. He offered to get me the same discount on any other HM stuff so I definitley plan on taking him up on that.
Pictures of soles?
I got a pair last week and they are great. They have a nice textured look to them, almost pebbled, compared to smoother calfskin gloves. They have a nice thickness to them, the cashmere lining feels great, and they are a little longer to cover more of your wrist. They are way better than a pair of calfskin cashmere lined Coach gloves I got a couple years ago.Also picked up one of the new squares, and as usual, it looks and feels great.
So I got one of the cashmere sweaters and had a question. Its very soft and fits well, but is extremely fuzzy and leaves fuzz on everything it touches. I tried to run a lint roller over it to catch most of the loose fibers but it didnt seem to do much. I have a few other cashmere sweaters and scarves and jackets, but none seem to shed even close to as much as this one. Is this normal?
Kent I took advantage of the UrbanDaddy promo you had for the cashmere sweaters over the weekend. Are you planning to send out tracking info for these orders?
Looks awesome!
I guess the proportions are 'off' but I'm not so well versed to notice, but I think the chair looks great. When I said 'kind of firm', I just mean that you don't exactly sink into the chair like the real one. It's still new so I think it may have some more breaking-in to do, but it is definitely comfortable, and by no means too firm. I'm very happy with it.
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