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Looks awesome!
I guess the proportions are 'off' but I'm not so well versed to notice, but I think the chair looks great. When I said 'kind of firm', I just mean that you don't exactly sink into the chair like the real one. It's still new so I think it may have some more breaking-in to do, but it is definitely comfortable, and by no means too firm. I'm very happy with it.
Picked this up from overstock.com for about $800. Quality seems good, leather is pretty decent, it's a little firmer than I hoped but I love it and it's very comfortable.
Nope those are different.
I love these shoes.
Can anyone recommend me a good quality/value cowhide rug source?
Pretty true 10.5 sizing? Any comparisons to AE?
I picked up some benchgrade brown captoes which I love. They are great looking shoes, just trying to break them in now. I'll post up some pictures shortly.
Ordered a couple decants of TF, shipping was fast and the product was great. Highly recommend.
New PS, big fan of it.
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