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1. Shooter - Nearly a former sniper who is responsible to stop the assassination of the President, but there's a twist. 2. The city - bank robbery, enough said? 3 .Start - Some weird shit on their dreams. It's good though. 4. The Box - About a button that when pushed by tugs gifts of $ 1 million, but guarantees the death of 2 persons. It was worth the watch. All great movies. If you have not seen the first two still missing.
One of my favorites is Bonzo's montreux LED ZEP. Also had a great drum solo by Ian Paice of Deep Purple to their concert at the park Knedworth. Unable to find pictures of myself.
Wow, I guess I'm just surprised people do not enjoy Tom Sawyer. Animal Farm was fantastic. I have read many times. Nineteen Eighty-Four was less impressive. But Jeez, that was all the textbooks and I'm just happy to be forced to learn more. Once something is a "requirement" I lost interest. I read in the dark with no stars Stephen King, his life, Keith Richards and the Port Mortuary Patricia Cornwell. I often have three or four books going at once.
well --- but I totally dug Yes and two bedrooms ... Nassau was the one who hooked me from the start with them. I have a very eclectic taste --- also a big fan of electronic music. Listening To Rococo Rot, as I type ... new stars of the lid is so beautiful.
I really can not think of one of the Acts of the top of my head. I can not think much of the actress 20 years, I know she did the voice of Lois cartoon, but I think Dana Delany would have done a great live-action Lois in his younger days hey. She had the perfect look and nail to act more serious and less Lois Kidder clutzy version but still able to inject a bit of comedy and fun in the role. Alas, it never will be.
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