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Gel Boy you must know Dolly,
This thread has lost it in the last couple of pages...only eleven pages to go too the Thousand,
As i said with my experience of Tailors in the 60s ..I never had a clue what Dormeuil or Tonik, or 3 ply was, Maybe I was lucky and the rest of The Kilburn Aggro Mob, we had a great tailor in George, But by the time i got my second suit made, I knew that Dormeuil was the bollocks. you would walk in the pub with your new suit and show em The Dormeuil label inside the jacket...with pride,.
Gsvs5 The socks that we are talking about had the towelling loop stitch also on the outside, its hilarious that we are talking about socks...
Tonik by Dormeuil is a patterned trade name and cannot be used by other cloth makers, back in the 60s most suits was not made of Dormeuil Tonik other companies got around this Tonic without the K....Thats why people always seem to spell Tonic with a C.Also Tonik does not have to be To Tone, it can be plain, or my bottle green red pin stripe suit i had made in 70.As i have said before i never saw many suits in to tone in the early days..maybe because...
Tonik is Kid Goat Mohair, suiting cloth, invented by Dormeuil in the 50s, Towelling socks are made with a loop greater comfort and wicking properties ....even today you can buy socks with a loop stitch on the inside of the sock.
Yes they was Paul.... they was good quality pure wool.....not like the towelling poly/cotton/wool mix from down the high st.Nothing like the feel of good quality socks in leather shoes,
Cerneabbas early 69 Lads would wear White Ben Shermans with white socks..back then you had those ultra violet lights in the disco's so the white would stand out. White soon went out...but for some reason Paddys in Kilburn and Crickelwood wore White socks well into the 80s... and backward Squaddies,In the Ivy/Squire Shop the socks would be rolled up in baskets all different colours...One lad i got to know from a enemy mob once wore Pink... he pulled it off because he was...
We wore Towelling socks 69/70s..started off with White then Red..then every colour you could think of....Use to get the quality ones from the Squire Shop.
Interesting website.Here is a pair of original issue Jungle Greens. nicely faded.
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