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What came after the Skinheads 68/70..for some 71, I have no real interest....I lived through it and rather forget it......
A Thousand pages well done everyone,
Around my way the Rudies would never wear Boots/Braces....They had their own look, Crombie, Smedley tops, Mohair Trousers, Plain Cap Royals, some wore a pork pie hat...thats just one look and very smart, Some wore suits...back then the Black lads never had loads of cloths like us so they tended to keep it simple. this was mostly due to many of them not in work.
I have mentioned Dickies Jeans on here before...We wore Dickies around 66 up till 68, then we went onto Levis you would buy them in those Work ware/Army surplus stores, They was a nice pair of Jeans as it happens.I did not notice any Dickies BD shirts...in the Ivy shop...but if you are talking about mid 60s I would have to young to notice, and to be honest i cant remember the label of the American Shirts i got out of the Ivy/Squire shop.
One thing is for certain you will never see a White working class cult again....Mass immigration into London and other Cities has put paid to that......I live and work around West London and rarely see a group of white lads walking about.
Having brought up 3 kids who are now 34/32/26....I know from them that London was still the innovators of teenage fashion...and travelling with them around the UK when my boys boxed in the 90s.you could still see a difference...these days i have not a clue.
I have wrote about J Simmons before...He hated the Skinheads.. but it was the money he made from the Skinheads that allowed him to open the Squire shop..and later The Village Gate Shops..I was unaware of this at the time, and never took much notice of the man. ..in later years when i started to wear BD Shirts, Harringtons,Brogues again, I went back to the Ivy Shop and later his shop in Covent Garden, I found him a miserable cnut. yes a dinosaur ..he certainly don't like...
This one step ahead that has been mentioned.....The Skinhead fashion was very regimental ...you could not really wear something that was not so call skinhead style, One step ahead was really a new patten of check shirt..or colour..or when Gibsons came in. I use to wear American imported shirts from the Squire shop...I would get paid on a thursday..straight into the Squire shop and buy the latest shirt...Simmons always had a limited amount of colours or pattens..by Saturday...
Borehamwood is the home of Elstree Film Studios...Maybe Terry Spencer was working out of there.I spent 12 resent years in a village a couple of miles north of Borehamwood... Talking to the locals they had a big skinhead gang at the time..with their main rivals the Burnt Oak Mob,...Borehamwood was one of the New Towns build in the 50s/early 60s....Most of the people came out of the slums of N /NW London. ...One of the photos that Terry Spencer took was outside The Red Lion...
Gel Boy you must know Dolly,
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