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James Bond Saville Row Suits...Rolex watch, My Influence was watching my Brother and Uncles going out on a saturday night...They would wear those Italian Style suits that was common in the 60s, If you look at photos of the Krays you will know what I mean.Regarding Sean Connery as James Bond the best a proper Mans Man,
It would be nice if some Motown could be played at present day Doos Conrad,
I find the same with Reggae,
Yes but she is a old woman now,
I also agree with you Mike...In 71 I wore my old Skinhead suit too my Brothers wedding ..but could not wait to get it off..So I could put on my Beagle shirt, Bags, and leather bomber jacket, not sure what type of shoes i wore though.As i have said its only looking back that i now know i looked ridiculous.In saying that Girls looked much more sexier in this period.
I sort agree with Cearnabbas Mike but only sitting here in hindsight..if that makes sense? ..because the skinhead style was fashion for the originals...moving on too Beagle Collars, Tank tops, Budgie Jackets..was just a natural progression...I did not think well thats the end of me being a skinhead..I never gave it a thought.Looking back and that dawned on me around 77 when i got married how awful the cloths was post 79 I and many other ex Skinheads started to...
Great story Cocostella,
I found alcohol was the downfall of many of us in Kilburn....i am sure it was because many had a irish backgrounds, Violence happened every was like normal to go out and fight...and it was all caused by would wake up in the morning with a hangover and go over the stuff you did last night ...I would spend days after regretting what i had done only to repeat it the next the end i just walked away...Over the years so many i knew from back...
Cerneabbas as skinheads we hated Hippies and Drugs...But some lads fell by the wayside as they grew their hair longer and ended up looking like the hippies they once hated.I was chatting to a couple of my mates last year from the 60s and was surprised they took drugs from around 72...Me i have never taken drugs....Beer has always been my downfall,
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