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Just different times....if i was their age then i would have been one of it happens i recognise a few in that footage that are still skinheads on the present scene that i have got to know.The 60s Skinheads, and the Skinheads that came out of the Punk scene...their is really no comparison in my opinion.
Yep like You and Me Colin...
Interesting cerneabbas...but i think you will find that 30% of the subject post from the last five years have been repeated over the last year, this probably due to not many people reading the whole thread, but with over a thousand pages it will now be a epic challenge.In saying that in the last year their has been some great stuff written, but also some stuff that is totally irrelevant to this thread..but i suppose this is gonna happen..but we always seem to get back on...
Borehamwood Skinheads outside The Red Lion Pub 1969
Thanks for the story Gel boy
Just a face from around Borehamwood.
Just got to add with Tailors as they get popular they sub out work ..and thats where it goes wrong....greedy cnuts will not turn down work...George over in North London subs out work sometimes and I had to pull him about one of my suits he made me...... You have to watch em...they give you two fittings and if its still not right you will have a fight on your hands...,
Yes Mate George over Walworth Rd Threadneddleman, He fcuked up the suit in the photo, in the end.. George the Greek Cypriot over in North London sorted it out,Tom uses George Threadneddleman and never had a problem.One always falls out with ones Tailor ..I remember my Brother and Uncles always unhappy about their Tailor in the 60sIn saying that George the Indian Lad, Tailor too the Kilburn Aggro Mob in the 60s/70 was a genius.
This is my mate Tom too my right...Tom is 32 just about the smartest lad i have seen on the Skinhead scene today although he does not label himself as a skinhead. The fit and tailoring of his suits are spot on as with all the other small details of this smart Man.
Yes its Liquidator..When ever I am down Chelsea and hear it.. I look across too the Shed End and think to myself i was there....maybe Skinhead Moonstomp the other.
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