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The only person I recognise for certain is the lad front middle, Ray Wilkinson, funny enough he lived in West Kilburn 2 mins walk from where i did..we also went to school together..but he hung around with the Neasden mob..The school i went to Aylestone High, was in Brondesbury Park which bordered on Kilburn and Willesden, so you had lads from both mobs going to the same school.
I find with people especially on the Skinhead scene, Their is people who think they are smart, people who are smart, people who have not a clue..and people who don't care a fcuk.
Has anyone heard the recording of Jason King/Peter Wyngarde reading a letter from a Skinhead Girl..
Its a great pic regardless, With us lot we all used the same Tailor ..The Bespoke Skinhead suit was a three button, narrow lapels, Three pockets all flapped at a angle, The jacket was long..longer than the Mod suit, It would have a single rear vent..longer the better, The jacket would be well waisted, and flaring out at the back, The trousers would be parallel, five pocket, the rear and cash pockets would be flapped, the trouser crease would end at the waistband into a...
Its funny this thing with the skinhead suit lapels, I thought the skinhead suit had narrow lapels, my did.. and everyone around our way...I mean the skinhead suit would somewhat look ..well not like a skinhead suit, looking at Pressure Drops pic of his brother in law the jacket looks off the peg, If you look at any pics of originals in suits the lapels are narrow...but of course their will be someone with a wider lapel probably bought off the peg somewhere..fcuk knows.
The Skinhead suit 69 circa had narrow lapels.. Never saw wide lapels like the excellent photo and good looking fellow of Pressure Drops Brother in Law pic,Wider Lapels was more later 70s...bit like Jason King,...
In the 80s...Paratroopers walking out clobber was Barbour, Border/ or Durham Coat, Maroon Sweatshirt, Levis, Desert Boots.
Yes Mate.
A couple of Belstaff Leather biker jackets of mine, I have a Wax one as well...lovely jackets...i did have a couple of Barbour wax jackets but in the end with age fell apart.
Like the look.
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