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I have always been critical on here regarding Loake Shoes, This goes back to having bought my first pair of Royals in the 60s from the Ivy Shop Richmond...The people i knew would not dream of wearing Loake back then.And regarding John Simmons, who i have no time for [He hated Skinheads] I went back to the Ivy Shop Richmond about 1980 intent on buying a Pair of Royals Brogues, The only Brogues he had in stock was Loake..,......A shop that was in decline...I walked out and...
This is my Church's Cordovan Leather Plain Caps, pure quality....
This is a Original pair of Royals that belong to Browneji, The quality is way above Loake..and back in the day people was laughed at for wearing them.
A mate posted this Pic on my FB Page of some Kilburn Boys and Girl...Note the lad in the centre Noel..Wearing Rupert's around 71...These are a example of the Rupert's we wore in London. They came in three pale colours, lightweight material..nothing like the bright coloured trousers that Noddy Holder and Rupert the Bear wore. Also worth noting the mixture of cloths ...during the transition away from Skinhead.
Yes I do Mr Knightley, Back in the day Red Fred Perry/Red Socks was a favourite,
Back in the 60s Ben Sherman had lovely plain pastel colours, Lemon, Sky Blue, Green and Pink...I had a White, Lemon and Pink. Tom and me....I am wearing a pink Ralph Lauren Shirt with matching Pink socks,
I had a pair of Church Graftons Cerneabbas, Lovely shoe but not Skinhead style. ...I have seen some present day skinheads wearing the above style, but to be honest if someone turned up in a pair like the above in the 60s total piss would have been taken out of them...It was a cruel world back then where the finer details was a matter of credibility or loss of ,
Check out this exhibition.....looks interesting. http://ual.force.com/apex/EventFormPage?id=a0RD0000008mIu1MAE&book=true
The only person I recognise for certain is the lad front middle, Ray Wilkinson, funny enough he lived in West Kilburn 2 mins walk from where i did..we also went to school together..but he hung around with the Neasden mob..The school i went to Aylestone High, was in Brondesbury Park which bordered on Kilburn and Willesden, so you had lads from both mobs going to the same school.
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