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I was kindly given permission by someone on a Kilburn FB page to post this. Its from 1969 Isle of White..these lads are aged17 to 18 from London and Manchester.
A nice pair of Cheaney Full Grain Leather Brogues.
Like to see the photo Mike...can you direct me...?
These are my pair of Crockett & Jones Cordovan leather Onslow, Very comfortable shoe that comes with cordovan leather.
I just cant remember what the Gibsons Apron looked like although I had a pair...It was the tail end of the skinhead fashion, I had a black pair i also a few weeks later bought a pair of Royals Tassel Fringe Loathers.And a few months later ..I never wore them again...Thats fashion for you..If you look at most the top end shoemakers..The long wing Brogue, Plain Caps and Gibson's are all the same or very similar.
Yes Mike the front Apron varies in this type of shoe , I can't remember exactly the shape of the original Royals Gibsons although I had a Black pair..Think they only came in Black.In saying that ,a mate who was a original skinhead who saw me wearing my Alan Edmonds said like your Gibsons..??,Those Shoes of yours in the pic Mike...Look like my Crockett and Jones Onslow..very nice mate.
My Allan Edmonds Made in USA Walton Full Grain Leather....They remind me of the Royals Gibson's but with a smaller apron. I have had them a few years but still not broken in.
Con Man..Once the Skinheads ended we just lost it...from about late 71 it became embarrassing...But that pic is a good example where it started to go wrong, but like the original skinheads it was just the fashion of the time ..and that should not be forgotten ..just fashion.
I paid just under £8 for Royals....My wages as a 15 year old in 69 was £11, So the shoes was near a weeks wages for me, Loake was just under half that price, Some parents would buy those shoes for their Kids....London back then had plenty of money ...and Cockneys was flash...and Cockneys was generous....Another thing some people are smart , some people think they are smart, and some people have not a clue....I do agree about the Armani suit ...
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