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Think I have posted this photo before..My mate Mark from Fulham London.
The wearing of Tartan caps in London came about from Rod Stewart around 71 and the odd Tartan scarf....it was not that widespread and did not last long..i mean a Englishman wearing Tartan..fcuk that...
This faded pic is of a mate of mine Bill O'Mahony R.I.P,[ centre of photo] a Kilburn and Chelsea Shed Legend, The pic was sent to me via FB by his brother Larry. Bill is also in the Kilburn ..Phoenix Club clip that i have posted on here. The pic is from a family holiday at Bognor...not sure of the date.. the lads around him are just lads he meet on the holiday. Just to add Larry has told me the photo was taken July/Aug 1967.
Sorry I just saw Toms comments, The photos was in a Gay Magazine in 72? ...Hilarious maybe it was their revenge for having a hard time from the skinheads, Yankmod spot on mate we was so young and naive, Gays...or Queers as they was referred to back then ...we was scared of them...., it seems crazy now..but thats the way it was......
Their was no outwardly Gay skinheads in the late 60s, and as people know Gays was not tolerated back then especially with the white and black working classes, also as people are aware some skinheads would go queer bashing....which was deplorable...without going over old ground ..Britain was a very different place back then.I have not a clue the dates of the above photos ..but one thing they are not from the period 68 to 70..or pushing it 71.....regarding skinheads in the...
Its the Jeans....plus they are all wearing tight jeans....like it was normal ..which was not the case late 60s. This thread is so long now ..i cant remember if we got a firm date on that photo, especially as most photos on here we have done.
Gramps and Clouseau, The photo just don't look 60s..its to clear ..a professionally taken photo....The tight jeans are a give away, ...plus the obvious gay look just would not have happened in the 60s...gays and skinheads are a 80s thing, If you look again at the photo the tight jeans and brutus type shirts ..plus the three lads are older than your average 60s skinhead..lads 17/18 would not dress like that... Also the jeans we wore was a parallel wider fit. As you said...
This photo has came up a few times...These skinheads are not originals, ..more 80s gay boys,
Italian Made Fred Perry.
Yes Paul the two lads left of the photo are from NW London....The lad in the middle Nigel who was 17 in 69 said the lad too the right was from up North, he said maybe Manchester.
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