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We have gone over this before, The Donkey Jacket was Skinhead Kit 68/69 ...Lads would wear them during the week and at football, Also some lads would work for the local Councils and had their logo on the back...round our way in Kilburn the Council was Brent...or Camden...
A Photo of West Kilburn Teenagers Skegness 1968, Note Skinhead Boy & Girl in background, This pic was kindly downloaded by a member on FB Kilburn 50s/60s
Jock Hutton, did not end fighting in 1945....He was still Soldiering in the 1980s. The man is a Legend....
The Youth of today have the fighting spirt, Twelve years of War in Afghanistan proves that, Since the end of the last War....A British soldier has died in conflict every year except 1968. I hope when the Boys & Girls come home by the end of this year, It will be the last War this Country gets involved in...Never will they be forgotten.
Once America abolished the 1924 immigration act, and brought in the 1965 immigration act, inspired by Kennedy in the early 60s and enacted in 68. The USA of American Graffiti and the Beach Boys/ John Wayne was gone forever.
It was a time when America was Great.
One of the great films on teenagers, still often watch it,
Yes great find Bunty, Inks could be the estate, Westborne Grove, Portobello Rd, or Lonsdale,Cant make out the Block name behind the lads, otherwise could confirm.
Outside the White Horse, Church Rd Willesden, Not the smartest of crews...
QPR vs Chelsea FA Cup..season 1969/70....21 Feb 1970. Score 2.4...Think they are Chelsea supporters but difficult to tell...Both sets of supporters are West London....and often mates....One thing for sure the best dressed Skinheads in Britain....
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