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How do the MIJ raw S-001s (slim fit) fit? Size down?
Was so glad it sold before I got to it last time. Now it's back again...like its taunting me. Would give you all my money, if I had any. Good luck with the sale, though this should be gone in no time.
Before I put in an order for a jade bracelet, I thought I'd ask; is there or will there be a lighter shade of jade beads available?
really feeling these boots. they seem to be in really good condition considering you've been wearing them for over a year. did you not wear them much, or did you tread very lightly while wearing them?
BNWT $15 each? i so wish i was a medium right now...
$5 shipping for any number of shirts. Please add 4% for Paypal. Blue workshirt was worn twice, otherwise all have been unworn and unwashed.J.Crew shirt in orange mini-gingham - $25 $20pit to pit 20"shoulder to shoulder 17.25"length 31.5"Sold [[SPOILER]] Sold [[SPOILER]] International Concepts shirt in blue stripes - $15p2p 20"s2s 17.25"len 29.5"
Whoa. I remember mimicking that from the classifieds here from a while back. Perhaps it was another site. My apologies, and thank you for replying to this personally, Fok.
I can't seem to make threads in "New Forum Support", I posted in a thread there and submitted a request through the support page three days ago, but haven't received a response. So I thought I'd try here. I made a new classified thread in B&S with the items I was selling, pictures, and measurements. The next day, as I was responding to PMs, a member informed me that my thread was closed. No warnings whatsoever. Here's the...
They are a D(M), fit is pretty standard medium. Boots have been sold! Thanks everyone for your interest.
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