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Got a couple Ts, polos for work, the cotton bomber, and the scuba bomber. Can give some reviews and shitty phone pics if anyone's interested. The scuba bomber is ill.How did you like it? I'm the same size and I felt the 38 was a bit big.Any idea when this is happening?
That seems like it would work out. Unless the cuts have changed since 4 years ago, the PS has almost the same top block as the NS. You should end up with a looser top block and a more tapered leg.
if anyone's looking for a pair of original white achilles low sz 42, i got a BNIB pair for sale or trade for 41s.
300 + shipping. Will trade for size 41. I'm in US.
end of may
Closet cleaning, lots of basics in great condition for sale. Great for someone who's just starting out; you can almost buy a complete wardrobe here. Shipping is $5 CONUS, can combine. Feel free to make offers, especially on multiple item purchases. Tops BNWT COS Scuba Bomber, Black | S | $75 J Crew Expedition down vest, Orange | M | $63 J Crew Donegal wool cardigan, Grey | S | $50 Uniqlo +J Blazer jacket, Charcoal | Slim M | $50 BNWT L.L.Bean Signature Raw denim...
the only CPs included...
yeah same. i woulda picked up the mesh ones if they had em. the perfs look pretty...hole-y. maybe it looks better in person and not close-up.
sorry man, looking for some that are a bit less worn
PM me with details and price. Or if anyone has a spare, it would be greatly appreciated.
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