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How did you size on this? I size down to a small in the OCBDs, but these measurements seem to indicate TTS?
I've heard about this place. What do they carry there? I'm about 20 mins from Raleigh.
holy fuck that looks pretty good. but $225?
Some thing like this? http://www.styleforum.net/t/303944/apc-green-parka-size-small-medium/0_30
Check the sales alert thread - there's a discount code for TBS right now.
How much wear/washes on the APCs? Can't really tell from the photos.
Apparently, the cut has changed. Have seen a lot of posts recently about APCs no longer being vanity sized, leading to tons of confusion. Also, there's a new cut.
Saw those at a local Journeys last week. Looks sick.
I was about to offer you my 30 PS before I read the last sentence. Mine measure 33in across the waist, do yours not?
Sign up here for 20% off. Mine came out to ~$60.
New Posts  All Forums: