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Some of the guys in the old thread contacted the store they bought it from and got something out of it, iirc.
couple people posted rips/tears in their suedes on the old thread...not uncommon it seems.
how much was it? just curious. missed them the few times they went on sale this season. :/
they dont do exchanges last time i checked
anyone check out the new pop up in fanueil hall?
duno about the laces but lemme know how they look. pics would be awesome. was thinking about grabbing a pair as well.solid imo. the holes on the perfs from this season seem really large. i feel like in previous seasons they were more subtle.
pretty sure its on the 26th guys
i can only take shitty phone pics. oh well. a lot of sizing inconsistancy, like i said. too tight in the shoulder cotton mix bomber scuba.
I feel ya there. The rise on my PSes are terrible.The general advice for sizing down was be able to button the fly, but not the waist. I think you should size up and get it tapered later if you feel like the hems too big.
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