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I'm actually looking for anything other than white/black achilles.
Anyone going to The News sample sale willing to proxy me some CPs? I'm just down the road in Boston.
A fellow lurker has been talking about saving some $ and going to Japan to fiend on clothes just like this. Looking forward to your write-up; will serve as a good guide. @y7bbb6
Just handled a GB varsity @ Club Monaco the other day; was quite hefty and quality/construction seemed great, but fit was off. A group buy would all be stock sizes too...I guess this is still ToJ's biggest appeal.
dyed with natural indigo, made to fade...I wouldn't risk wearing this over a white shirt
wouldn't this turn everything you're wearing blue..
Through all complaining and jokes in this thread, I couldn't tell whether the jackets are coming out slow or that they aren't coming at all. Guessing it's the latter.I don't mind waiting, since it's summer anyway but...guess I'll wait and see if he ships any in the next few months before I buy a spot.
grailed.com/listings/99203-temple-of-jawnz-toj-0-2013-november-2013-spot Honestly, what are the chances of actually receiving this jacket if you buy this. Tbh I handled one recently and wasn't super impressed Anyone got an alternative to a Toj0?
If you look at the reply counts in the threads from each season, it goes from 2500 > 1600 > 500 > 200 > 6.Maybe CPs are finally dead
New Posts  All Forums: