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the concensus seems to be that the EFM are slimmer. probly go with a medium
mine is fedex smart post
wait you size UP for EFM? is this all EFM?
same...im starting to wonder if they will even restock this season
this is the navy color. picture taken from another member stock photo, but in black Jacket: Shoulders: 17" Pit to Pit: 20" Back Length 29" Sleeve Length: 26" Pants: Waist: 34" Inseam: 34" Hem: 8" Navy slim fit Tasmanian Wool jacket and matching pants in M and 32x34. Will best fit a Small or very Slim Medium. Long sold out online, I proxied this for $210 + shipping + fees. Yours for $180 shipped OBO.
no i think the sleeves and body length are shorter in asia
got my online order in...sizing was whack black heavy gauge fair isle S - way too short (im 5'11), little bit tight on the shoulders too. should have listened to whoever said it was short before (coldsnap?) heavy gauge turtle neck M - huge below the shoulder. neck on S would probly be way too tight. shawl collar sweater M - got a wine and grey stripe. kinda huge, but wearable. probly going back. socks and underwear - mad legit. i need asian uniqlo. if anyones...
Front length - 25" Back length - 27" P2P - 19" Shoulders - 15" Sleeves - 25" Will best fit a Small or Slim Medium. Looks good and has a nice slim fit, but too short for me (I'm 5'11"). Long sold out on Uniqlo website, I proxied this for $50 + fees + shipping. Yours for $55 shipped OBO.
got my tasmanian wool jacket in M and pants in 32. i wear S in their regular fit oxfords and M in slim fit shirts. the pants fit great, but the jacket is way tight. chest measures 19.5-20". fits more like a true small. oh well, if anyones interested in them, let me know.
ordered 4 days ago and still hasnt shipped. are they still having trouble processing orders or does that mean something i ordered sold out
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