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You sure you're not a 44? 11.5 corresponds to a 45 EU, and -1 for CPs. I'm a slightly-wider-than-D width and size 9, and I'm a 41 Achilles with room to spare.Also, just my opinion, but that looks pretty fucking terrible. Just makes the gold lettering stand out even more.
Not seeing the option during check-out. Just says "hereof VAT: $0".
TBS sent my order to a former address, and not the one I listed for the order. Guess someone out there is happy they just got a new pair of CPs and an EG shirt dress thing. Looking for this BBJ shirt...227on Norse Store and 275 on Matches Fashion, but I read someone got slapped with $90 duties for a $200 Norse order. Anyone know about duties from Matches to US? Or somewhere else to buy this shirt.
We've submitted documentation to a Government agency and are awaiting a response.RIght there with ya. Apparently, duties and taxes aren't collected for merchandise from Germany to US? Didn't know that when I ordered. Sick.
Ordered Thursday, MH jacket refunded because of inventory error, no shipping confirmation
I'm getting the discount applied before I enter any payment info. edit: on a BBJ jacket
would you also need to size down 1 for womans?
I'm not sure. they have a separate line called woman by common projects. are the achilles and tournaments supposed to be unisex?
anyone know where to get a deal on women's CPs? lots of places arent even carrying them... trying to get some for my sister. want her to have the life i never stroll through her suburban high school with gold numbers on her feet.
and for those that don't want to wait and missed the tan chelsea drop at needsupply, you can gettem here! better be quick, already 1 sold !! edit: oh, and here too !
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