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I have a 37" chest, but large lats and traps, almost 17" shoulders. The 3 fits me well in the shoulders, but I'm kinda swimming in it in the body. Are the shoulders on the two coats about the same?Guess I'll give the M at Hickoree's a shot...return shipping from Boston shouldn't be too bad.Yeah, pretty much all Asian clothing have this problem for me too. Asians that actually live in Asia are usually pretty lanky.edit:jacket: http://i.imgur.com/Cdpd0Xd.jpgbonus tunic :...
SO how to size? Got this in 3/L and it's a standard/roomy fit. You said yours is quite fitted, and it works? Only hesitating to buy the one from Hickoree's cus it's an M and their measurements say L has 16" shoulders. I'm usually a slim M or even S, but my stuffs got way larger shoulders than that, even.
http://www.norsestore.com/catalog?brand=blue_blue http://www.matchesfashion.com/us/mens/designers/blue-blue-japan http://www.endclothing.com/brands/blue-blue-japan-1 http://www.stylebop.com/men/designer/blue_blue_japan/ http://www.lagarconne.com/store/designer/89-3307-3307/BLUE-BLUE-JAPAN http://understudyshop.com/collections/blue-blue-japan la garconne's site is shit though, you have to search it for it to pop up edit: hot...
Nice, I'll wait for yours then. Had a tab opened and was about to create the thread myself. xdSomeone mentioned the Nordstrom sale already, but they got these Golden Bear jackets on sale, including a suede varsity and harringtons. Handled a GB varsity recently and they're real nice and substantial, I'd take it over a ToJ if they had black.
edit: lol oops
I believe the rule is to keep it under $200 to avoid duties from End. I've placed 3 orders in the 160-180 range per order and have never been hit.Also, how'd your BBJ coat work out? I like it but I'm having a hard time settling for the chore coat when I know there's a long coat out there...
From the photo, I'd say it's a perfect fit. Looks awesome.I'm 37-38 chest and I'm considering selling my M. Just a bit too tight.
Yeah, I got it. I'm slow as fuck I thought everyone was talking about Norse.
You might be a 40 or a 41 depending on your width and the shoe. CP sizing is all over the place...I'm a 41 achilles lows, but the 41 highs/bballs are super roomy and the current season combat boots in 41 were way too tight. And if you read the thread, others say the previous season's boots fit big. So who the fuck knows really, just order and pray they fit.
You sure you're not a 44? 11.5 corresponds to a 45 EU, and -1 for CPs. I'm a slightly-wider-than-D width and size 9, and I'm a 41 Achilles with room to spare.Also, just my opinion, but that looks pretty fucking terrible. Just makes the gold lettering stand out even more.
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