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20% off at end clothing with SPRING14
naw those are the vintage lows. the guy wanted the gumsole on a pair of perforated lows.
10% off kafka with kafka10. VAT isnt deducted until u enter check out. just picked up my CPs
yea. like this?http://cache.mrporter.com/images/products/316385/316385_mrp_fr_l.jpg
only 1 size left on frans and theyre $430 on kafka...hmm
you guys know anywhere thats stocking white vintage lows? ends outta my size and tbs said they arent getting any..
shirts still for sale? i sent you a pm
tbs just informed me they wont be stocking S/S vintage lows...my coupon.. ...do frans boone got codes?
oh wow...was not expecting that. just got the last 41s for less than 200 shipped. thanks man! edit:
looking for vintage lows in white...anywhere got a discount? only place i even see em is end
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