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wouldn't this turn everything you're wearing blue..
Through all complaining and jokes in this thread, I couldn't tell whether the jackets are coming out slow or that they aren't coming at all. Guessing it's the latter.I don't mind waiting, since it's summer anyway but...guess I'll wait and see if he ships any in the next few months before I buy a spot.
grailed.com/listings/99203-temple-of-jawnz-toj-0-2013-november-2013-spot Honestly, what are the chances of actually receiving this jacket if you buy this. Tbh I handled one recently and wasn't super impressed Anyone got an alternative to a Toj0?
If you look at the reply counts in the threads from each season, it goes from 2500 > 1600 > 500 > 200 > 6.Maybe CPs are finally dead
just checked and it works on some but not others
15% off fullprice @ stevenalan - SPRINGFEVER
La Garconne sale not working either. Actually their site's just a mess. How often are Totokaelo discounts? Eyeing something...I'd be down to pay if anyone has a code or credit or something.
I've got $238 in LL Bean gift credit. Willing to sell it at a 15% discount. It's split up on different cards, so I can either sell you the card or order the item for you. Message me if you're interested.
didn't pick up the black skinny tapereds in 31x32 when i was in soho and now theyre sold out online if anyone finds some in-store and can proxy for me, lmk
is that shit long gone? never seen it on the site
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