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well, ssense does ship and return ship for free, and their costumer service is great. so i guess i can forgive them. was able to grab some CPs for my sis so I'm happy
Post some fits when you get it please.
ssense sale has started website is barely functional
I think the fit is spot onI think the fit is spot on. Rest of your fit is pretty slim anyway. And I read from an earlier post that it does stretch.I'm curious as to how an L would look though...I'm considering sizing up, but seems like noone in the US really carries them anymore, and I don't feel like importing from EU incase I wanna return.
psych it's in wisconsin...i always get it mixed up with blue in green for some reason
thx m8. I've been trying to get a grey wool-y vest since a few years ago. Was inspired by a fit from this dude but with a grey vest on top of this. Was just wondering if you guys had any fit ideas other than just a flannel or chambray or something. I haven't come by any like these except from EG. But I kind of dislike how the stitching on the Context one isn't "uniform" on the front. Think I'll just try it on at Context first in 2 weeks when I go to NY. or maybe i should buy this dudes, been trying to sell it for 14 months how would you guys wear these? all i can think of is with a flannel under.
$8 Airism and $10 supima, free shipping 30% off some stuff at 20% at bloomingdales: barbour x white mountaineering, w+h, steven alan, mark mcnairy, too many brands to sift through.. this w+h mac can be had at 50% off. it doesnt look nearly as bad as it does on that model
weird, everything's discounted for me edit: wow yeah, if i link to stuff in incognito, it shows as normal price. probly has to do with your cookies. anyone have experience with these acne max chinos? compared to say, w+h westpoint?
Alright. click thru here:
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