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end of may
$5 shipping for every order CONUS, +4% for Paypal payments. Outer: JCrew Expedition Down Vest, orange | M | $60 | Pretty thick and sturdy. I've worn it a for 1 season, and it's been hand-washed once. Uniqlo MA-1 | S | $35 | SOLD Shoes: Converse High-top Chucks | 9 | $30 -> $25 | New. Bought wrong size. Bass Brockton White Bucks | 9 | $40 -> $35 | Wore them once. I like them but not really my style. Comes with suede cleaning kit. Knit: JCrew Merino V-neck, violet...
the only CPs included...http://www.wrongweather.net/shop/product/original-achilles-green-suede-low-top
yeah same. i woulda picked up the mesh ones if they had em. the perfs look pretty...hole-y. maybe it looks better in person and not close-up.
sorry man, looking for some that are a bit less worn
PM me with details and price. Or if anyone has a spare, it would be greatly appreciated.
can't justify paying 400 for shoes i can only wear twice a week at most. think ill wait and see what pops up in the next couple weeks.
missed out on tbs and now this...i just hope i can cop a pair under 400 before summer ends
Original or vintage. New or lightly used. US. Lemme know!
$160 shipped to CONUS. Other regions, please PM. Add 4% for Paypal fees. Selling this for a friend who bought the wrong size. Same as the one for sale here, but in Navy: https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/Barbour/PRDOVR~03764/03764.jsp
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