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Apparently, the cut has changed. Have seen a lot of posts recently about APCs no longer being vanity sized, leading to tons of confusion. Also, there's a new cut.
Saw those at a local Journeys last week. Looks sick.
I was about to offer you my 30 PS before I read the last sentence. Mine measure 33in across the waist, do yours not?
Sign up here for 20% off. Mine came out to ~$60.
Cold-soaked and sun-dried my PS, and they don't seem like they're stretching back out. Did I fuck up by sun-drying? Time to start looking for new jeans I guess.
Yes, it does. I'm a small to slim-medium, and the jacket is definitely too large for me. It falls pretty well though, and I originally bought it for an oversized look, but never ended up wearing it.
Still here! Sold tag was for items in spoilers.
I'm interested in some measurements as well.
$15 each + $5 shipping for any number of shirts. Please add 4% for Paypal. I can provide measurements for these if needed! Modern fit: 1. Purple - Small 2. Dark Red - Medium Fitted: 1. Black and purple stripe - M, worn once 2. White - M, 3. Navy and grey color block - M, unworn Please contact me for sales and/or questions, thanks!
You would be best off with an XS. I'm 5'10, 175 and I wear S in outerwear.
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