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Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear So, I've been through this thread a bit, but still couldn't find an answer (i'm retarded). So, here is the obligatory fit question...which will probably get ignored, as it's probably been asked too much already... What APC cut is the most similar to Naked & Famous Skinny Guy? What size should I get if I'm 33" waist, 32 in N+F? 30 PS, or maybe 31 NC. Look around and see which cut you like better. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by thisfits Here's a kind of reverse question ... I'm really familiar with LEC's fit, but not Uniqlo. How would an LEC small compare with a Uniqlo small? The size chart on Uniqlo UK's site kinda suggests it fits bigger, which is the exact opposite impression I got of the brand. I have broad shoulders and I look for a slim fit. In 90% of mall brands mediums fit me in the shoulder while their smalls fit me in the torso....
Quote: Originally Posted by Fauxnomena Want a pair of APC's, would probably go with sz 30 as I usually wear a 32 waist. Thing is I am 6'4" (yea Im pretty skinny @ 180 lbs) just wondering is a pair of sz 30's would give me the sufficient length, otherwise I might end up getting a pair of nudies with 36" inseam. My 30 PS have an inseam of a bit over 35.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanuckBassist ^ Thanks, you two. Doesn't sound like the cut for me then. It depends really on the person that's wearing it. I don't think my 30 PS's leg is narrower than my friend's 28 NS, his is definitely a bit slimmer. I recommend looking at fit pics on sufu, esp at the people who are near your size.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanuckBassist How do the NS and PS sized up one differ in fit? From what I can tell from size charts, the PS would have a slightly lower rise and slightly more tapered legs. Does that sound about right? Much more tapered leg.
Quote: Originally Posted by tehbry I sized down 3 on my NS - they are a little tight in the thighs, but overall nice through the entire leg. The waist is just too small, though. Tried a pair one size up (29) and the legs were huge. Might give up on the APC NS. May try the PS or go with a different brand. Sounds like the cut you were looking for was the PS, not the NS.
Quote: Originally Posted by lesamourai This is where I get confused. Are you talking about tagged size 30 or 30 as in waist size? I'm fairly sure most people refer to their jeans by tagged size. Never heard anyone refer to their jeans by the "actual" waist size except maybe when discussing sizing issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 Anyway I just bought PS sized down 1, they fit perfectly. http://i.imgur.com/srOzml.jpg I tried size down 2 and it was too tight. My hips are too big but my waist is too small. Sizing down 2 does not work for everyone. Exactly what my PSes looked like when I got my first pair in 31, but I returned them for a 30 (sizing down 2 total) because I figured the 31s were what I wanted my jeans to look like...
Hey, I saw someone in B&S is looking to buy this cardigan, lemme find it.. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ighlight=shawl
When you measure the "pit-to-pit" on tops, do you measure just the width of the shirt from end to end under the arms, or do you measure starting from the seam right under the armpit? Most of my clothes, like the shirt below, is wider in the back than the front. So what would be considered the P2P on this? http://i.imgur.com/4MOnu.jpg
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