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Posts by Qudi starting to wonder if they will even restock this season
this is the navy color. picture taken from another member stock photo, but in black Jacket: Shoulders: 17" Pit to Pit: 20" Back Length 29" Sleeve Length: 26" Pants: Waist: 34" Inseam: 34" Hem: 8" Navy slim fit Tasmanian Wool jacket and matching pants in M and 32x34. Will best fit a Small or very Slim Medium. Long sold out online, I proxied this for $210 + shipping + fees. Yours for $180 shipped OBO.
no i think the sleeves and body length are shorter in asia
got my online order in...sizing was whack black heavy gauge fair isle S - way too short (im 5'11), little bit tight on the shoulders too. should have listened to whoever said it was short before (coldsnap?) heavy gauge turtle neck M - huge below the shoulder. neck on S would probly be way too tight. shawl collar sweater M - got a wine and grey stripe. kinda huge, but wearable. probly going back. socks and underwear - mad legit. i need asian uniqlo. if anyones...
Front length - 25" Back length - 27" P2P - 19" Shoulders - 15" Sleeves - 25" Will best fit a Small or Slim Medium. Looks good and has a nice slim fit, but too short for me (I'm 5'11"). Long sold out on Uniqlo website, I proxied this for $50 + fees + shipping. Yours for $55 shipped OBO.
got my tasmanian wool jacket in M and pants in 32. i wear S in their regular fit oxfords and M in slim fit shirts. the pants fit great, but the jacket is way tight. chest measures 19.5-20". fits more like a true small. oh well, if anyones interested in them, let me know.
ordered 4 days ago and still hasnt shipped. are they still having trouble processing orders or does that mean something i ordered sold out
edit: double post
what size did you pick up for the cardigan?im looking for ~21.5" chest (i'm a M in slim OCBD also), so i guess i should pick up an M in broadcloth shirt?
yes, exactly.lolyeah, i didn't know whether their warehouse stock was actually damaged. so i guess all the tasmanian jackets were swept away, except the XLs, which sandy decided to spare.
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