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Gonna be in NYC for the weekend, any deals floating around? Too bad the Viberg sample sale's next Friday.
Agreed. Why turn down $50 for free?
I picked up a size 3 that I was going to send back, since I got the long coat. Can send it your way if you'd like, for the price that I grabbed it at with the 30% off code.
I'm sure Unionmade's measurements were wrong.
link takes me to frontpage
The quality is higher than their usual sweats, since this was a collab. Thought it was quite heavy when I tried it on. But my point was that you may want to reconsider if you were buying it for the look or its uniqueness. The Qlo one was just last season, actually.
People will probably think you're wearing Uniqlo.
Is this one of those things where they take returns even though it says final sale?
it's mostly working now
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