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I'm sure Unionmade's measurements were wrong.
link takes me to frontpage
The quality is higher than their usual sweats, since this was a collab. Thought it was quite heavy when I tried it on. But my point was that you may want to reconsider if you were buying it for the look or its uniqueness. The Qlo one was just last season, actually.
People will probably think you're wearing Uniqlo. http://www.ebay.com/itm/UNIQLO-X-Alexandre-Plokhov-MEN-URBAN-SWEAT-PULLOVER-HOODIE-Black-138371-/111585192202?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item19fafee90a
Is this one of those things where they take returns even though it says final sale?
it's mostly working now
well, ssense does ship and return ship for free, and their costumer service is great. so i guess i can forgive them. was able to grab some CPs for my sis so I'm happy
Post some fits when you get it please.
ssense sale has started www.ssense.com website is barely functional
I think the fit is spot onI think the fit is spot on. Rest of your fit is pretty slim anyway. And I read from an earlier post that it does stretch.I'm curious as to how an L would look though...I'm considering sizing up, but seems like noone in the US really carries them anymore, and I don't feel like importing from EU incase I wanna return.
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