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A month ago, I went after work to check out a pair of Aldens. When I asked a floor associate for a pair in my size, he looks up-and-down at me and says, "Those are $500".I'd say you're is spot on!
whoa, are they closing permanently? had no idea. some great deals to be had; randomly walked in and snagged some CP combat boots for $200 last week.
They have some nice stuff, but I avoid buying stuff there just out of principle. Their customer service is absolutely terrible.
its us 6 they just list it as 6.5 cuz it fits like it
medium louis w in red 480 after code...hope someone picks this uphttps://www.eastdane.com/apc-louis-ferries-suede-bomber/vp/v=1/1577825666.htm?folderID=19407&colorId=10253place is way overpriced
http://usonline.apc.fr/the-ferris-pxanm-h02260#Bordeaux&13wait how much is the gucci one
Yes. A $200 shirt will come out to $240 after duties. A $199 shirt will come out to $199.
i posted that last week. i managed to miss the BoO sale by 1 day too ...
www.needsupply.com GET20 for 20% site wide Copped some CPs in 38
Gonna be in NYC for the weekend, any deals floating around? Too bad the Viberg sample sale's next Friday.
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