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I got a pair of the Combat Boots with the light rubber sole and black pull tab from years ago. Length is perfect but they way tighter than my CP sneakers. Does anyone know if the width will stretch with wear? Doesn't seem like a good idea to try to stretch this kind of leather at a cobbler...
according to a new trade law, the max exempt from duties when importing was raised from $200 to $800. this applies to purchases starting March 10th. thought id share here since a lot of discussion about duties gets brought up here. (Sec. 601) The general de minimis aggregate fair retail value in the country of shipment of duty-free articles imported by one person on one day increases from $200 to $800.
A month ago, I went after work to check out a pair of Aldens. When I asked a floor associate for a pair in my size, he looks up-and-down at me and says, "Those are $500".I'd say you're is spot on!
whoa, are they closing permanently? had no idea. some great deals to be had; randomly walked in and snagged some CP combat boots for $200 last week.
They have some nice stuff, but I avoid buying stuff there just out of principle. Their customer service is absolutely terrible.
its us 6 they just list it as 6.5 cuz it fits like it
medium louis w in red 480 after code...hope someone picks this up is way overpriced how much is the gucci one
Yes. A $200 shirt will come out to $240 after duties. A $199 shirt will come out to $199.
i posted that last week. i managed to miss the BoO sale by 1 day too ...
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