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Thanks, any idea how high customs are generally in %?
Looking to proxy $300 trousers from US to the UK. Can anybody suggest a carrier with whom I'd minimise the risk of getting hit with customs. Anybody have experience with sending stuff from US to UK? Thanks
Probably answered before but couldn't find the right answer: I'm getting new tuxedo pants tailored and have worn them with sidetabs in the past. I'd like to wear suspenders now but am unsure whether side tabs are still warranted or whether its stylistically appropriate to wear tux pants both with sidetabs AND suspenders. Many thanks
Sorry, was referring to international sale. Assume it's pretty much the same as the US one - Anybody know?
Anybody know if mr porter generally adds extra lines/items during its sales or is this it?
What a joke of a sale at porter...
Hi I'm thinking of getting a pair of Margiela German Army trainers, anybody have an idea about the sizing? I wear US 9.5 and EU 43-43.5 but I see people posting that they wear US 10 and wear Margiela 43, yet they say that MMM GATs run true to size. A bit confused, can anybody give me a little bit of reference by mentioning their other shoes size equivalents (i.e. Keds, Lacoste, Opening Ceremony...)? Much appreciated
Hi all, selling these unworn Abington 5-inch boots in size 9.5/43.5 on ebay. They barely fit my feet (Usually 43.5) so they obviously run a size small. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...#ht_500wt_1156 Even though ebay says I won't ship outside of Germany, I will send within EU. Costs will be about €10-15, not really sure but I'll check the post office once it's open. I personally would have gotten them a size bigger but didnt manage to return them on time . Note:...
15$ off coupon atm out for uo as well
Quote: Originally Posted by Kacey Got them from a German outfit called Frontlineshop. They still have stock but I'm not sure if they ship Stateside. http://www.frontlineshop.com/Men/Pro...=Froogle&sid=1 Kicking myself now that I didn't jump on clarks.co.uk when they were on sale for 60+pounds
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