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Yep, it's that exact one but for mens!
Yep, I'm in san francisco!
For those of you who were asking about flannels coming out this season a while back, the San Francisco SLP just got this shirt in this past Thursday. It is a dark red/burgundy and black wool flannel plaid. The red is lighter than the picture (iphone camera). Exactly the same cut as FW 2013 wool flannels, which is oversized. I was surprised to see this when my SA called me about it since it isn't anywhere else online/runway/lookbook. But just wanted to give anyone wanting...
I really like my shirt. It's really nice and it does feel quite soft, just threw it on. Also, basically how I wear my bikers, with the SLP tweed blazer from this season.
Yep, some of the flannel shirts are awesome!
Up for sale is THE Stephan Schneider Ijevan Cardigan in the best Blue/Grey Color. Size is 3. Selling this for a little less than what I paid. Let me know if you have any questions.
Ssense has the black/red SLP hi tops up. buy fast for those who wanted these.
Rick SLP SLP Raf
My attempt to get you guys to buy the hawaiian shirt... It's so silky! [[SPOILER]]
Banded trousers and that tan short sleeved shirt look good. Can't add the shirt to my cart for some reason though
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