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They are not the same. Hardware on fw13 is silver, hardware on fw14 version is more of a gunmetal. Silver>gunmetal
Yes, I picked up that distressed L01. I had the soft lambskin L01 for a while, but found it too fragile/it wouldn't look good beat up. If the L01 came in a regular calf, that would be a different story as the calf would age nicely. I also really liked the distressing, it would take a reallllly long time to achieve the amount of distressing that's on this L01.Definitely agree with you though that if it's going to be worn occassionally, the regular lamb would be better for you.
That one you tried on was probably the one I transferred in if you go to the sf boutique. You deal with Antonio?
Sold out online the week it went up on That was last month. Only flagship stores received it as far as I know. In the US, that would be the two NY stores and the Beverly Hills store. The local SLP boutique may be able to transfer it in for you if you put down a deposit.@scanner the gold chain is the women's version for these. The men's have the silver chain like always:
@OakGhost I would suggest getting the distressed L01 from this season rather than a regular L01. The distressed L01 is the exact same price, but is calf leather instead of lamb leather so it is more durable. That lamb skin is nice, but it is so fragile! I also prefer the distressed version.
Stand collar looks good. I've been looking for 1 in a sz 44 with no luckFor the other PC sweater, I have it. Its thicker than most sweaters and is not scratchy at all. It fits 1 size bigger though. Most slp sweater I am a small and I had to go with an XS in the PC breton strip sweater.
My advice is to not be fixated on just the permanent collection when you start stocking up on slp items when Hedi leaves. I look more at pieces outside of permanent collection and just ask myself "is this wearable for multiple seasons?" Just my 2 cents, this may be obvious to everyone already. Example of this below. The jacket is from 2014 and is not permanent collection, but it still can be worn for multiple seasons and is a NICE piece. Just a classic shearling A-2 bomber...
I would size up one in the denim jackets. Im normally a 44/xs and had to go with a size small as the size xs looked way too tiny when worn.
Neither, they are the blue whiskered repair D02's from fw13
The hawaiian shirts are probably my favorite things to wear in warm weather. I feel they do look good with boots as well. I have both the black and red silk ones from ss14 and the blue one from this season is one of my favorites still. Of course, silk feels better but the blue print is stunning.
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