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Yea it's nice, I'm on the saint laurent hype train though so I gotta go with the SLP one.Camel coat looks nice and I'm pretty sure that leather biker with all those pins on it will sell
^^ Only thing I see so far that I want is the olive MA-1.
Yea,, I'd be down for a meetup sometime
Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments.
It's a loose cut, not as oversized as the wool plaid flannels.Also, speaking of wool plaid flannels, gotta love the oversized cut!
Just got in my new coat. It's awesome!
It's either 15.5 or 15. It's also stretch denim so you have to take that into account. I went true to my waist size for them as I do with all my 15.5 SLP and it fits more or less the same.
Yep, it's that exact one but for mens!
Yep, I'm in san francisco!
For those of you who were asking about flannels coming out this season a while back, the San Francisco SLP just got this shirt in this past Thursday. It is a dark red/burgundy and black wool flannel plaid. The red is lighter than the picture (iphone camera). Exactly the same cut as FW 2013 wool flannels, which is oversized. I was surprised to see this when my SA called me about it since it isn't anywhere else online/runway/lookbook. But just wanted to give anyone wanting...
New Posts  All Forums: