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Ssense has the black/red SLP hi tops up. buy fast for those who wanted these.
Rick SLP SLP Raf
My attempt to get you guys to buy the hawaiian shirt... It's so silky! [[SPOILER]]
Banded trousers and that tan short sleeved shirt look good. Can't add the shirt to my cart for some reason though
SLP appreciation. Basically what I wear when I do not want to put thought into my outfit.SLP Classic Biker LeatherSLP JeansRandom Baller Hi Tops [[SPOILER]]
Koppin the golden coat
Navy BEE Cardigan sz 4 http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/174620864
OGs are superior... The grey part on those new ones throws me off.
Go TTS, if not a half size smaller than lows
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