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I have a pair in 29 but would like to size up to 30 for a little more room.
Price drop. $140 (shipped CONUS).
It looks like you are set on the XX-005 or XX-007, but if you are interested in a similar model (same cut w/ lighter dye) I have a pair of X-008 30 posted for quite a bit less than most people seem to be asking -- I'm actually surprised they haven't sold. This model will fade very well. These have been worn only a few times with no wash or soak. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=101572
Measurements provided. Sorry for the delay, somehow I missed the email notification. Will pm you direct email contact. Can usually ship next day after payment.
Had some PMs about measurements. I just checked and all measurements are the same as the measurements on the Blue in Green site (see above), except for the waist that has stretched out to 32. This was expected after the first couple wears since I bought the unwashed pair a size down (hard to button). The rest of the leg is not tight on me (definitely fitted) and so it did not stretch.
PMed with shipping options
Thanks for the interest. These are unwashed with no soak. I posted a new photo of the waist with tape measure (looks like 32 in) and am including measurements from the Blue in Green website link to give you a general idea of fit (also see link in post): Size 30: Waist 31 Front Rise 10 Back Rise 13.75 Upper Thigh 11.5 Knee 8 Leg Opening 8 Inseam 37 For reference, I'm about 6'3" and about 172 lbs with slightly larger legs/hips than average and they are a...
I'm selling this pair of Acne Mic Rigid 29x34 for the recession price of $75 (shipped US). They are unwashed and unhemmed with minimal wear. I bought these at OAK in Williamsburg last year. They are a little slim for me and I have settled on a pair of PBJ to replace these. I probably wore these 5 - 10 times last summer before realizing they were a bit small for me. They've been sitting in my closet since then. Photos are included: Measurements included. Waist:...
I'm selling this pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-008 Raw in a size 30 for SOLD(shipped US). These are unwashed and unhemmed. I picked them up at Blue in Green in NYC several months ago and have only worn them a few times (less than 5). They are a bit too slim and I bought a size up in the XX-005 31. They have very minimal wear which is slightly noticeable on the hidden rivets in the back pockets. I'll do this via shipping or can meet locally in NYC or Brooklyn for...
Does anyone have any recommendations for labels that tend to run long? I'm fairly tall and slim (6 ft 3 in and 168 pounds) and most sleeves don't run long enough. For shirts I can usually get a tailored 15.5/35 or 16/36 to work, but I've had trouble finding cashmere/merino sweaters, for example. I'd almost need a size small/medium for fit with sleeves from size x-large. I inevitably need every piece of clothing tailored as well, so it would be nice to have a few...
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