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Looks like they are out of the medium now. I've been trying to find a medium Fold or Marked Cardigan in navy or other shades of blue. Anyone seen a place that still has stock? I Can't seem to find it online.
SOLD I'm selling this pair of Somet 003 in Sz 29, originally purchased from BnG in NYC. I've had them for over a year and wore them pretty heavily for the first 6 months or so. After realizing they wouldn't stretch much (they are to damn snug), I have been happier with the same pair in a size 31. I have just washed them for the first time, as they did get a lot of wear, and they are getting a nice face. They are well worn, but in decent shape -- this is the type of...
Got it. They are in superb condition. I quickly realized they were too slim after buying them via mail order and wearing them outside. I even had a protective sole put on.
Price drop on PBJ and Generic man boots.
Price drop on the grey Acne and the faded PBJ.
Posted some pics of the APC New Cures. They are the raw indigo model, unwashed, and in excellent condition and nice and crisp (probably passable as new at the store). Price drop on the pbj's.
I finally found some software to grab the photos from my phone and I've posted a few more. Let me know if you would like any specific pictures/details. It is a cell phone camera but I can get reasonable detail shots. I will add some for the ACP new cures, but they are in great condition, easily 9.5/10. Almost no fading or visible wear.
I've had a few questions about measurements. I used the Blue in Green measurement guide on their website. You can see the details for each measurement here: Blue in Green measurement guide
They are these: I'm transferring a photo from my cell phone now (slow). I just realized that there is a slight difference. My pair have a black trim on the sole. I can try to post more pictures tomorrow when I find a camera with a flash.
Generic Man Moto Boot Cognac sz 45 (Fall 08) $80: These are a little too narrow for my feet, but are very soft leather with a great slim last and slightly rounded toe. Leather sole. A more convincing photo can be found here: I'm cleaning out some great denim that doesn't fit well, being too small or just the wrong cut for me. I will also consider reasonable trades for larger sizes (6'4" 175 lbs waist=32, inseam=34-36). I'll...
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