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MTM. I have the same problem. I bought a sewing machine and learned to take in the sides and sleeves on my shirts. It takes 30 min per shirt. Less time than going to the shops and trying and retrying shirts that don't fit to my satisfaction.
I'm kind of a newbie here, but not new to buying/selling used items on the internet. I ran into a situation this morning and I wonder if I'm off base or was it the other party. I've bought and sold a few items here on SF, and never ran into anything like this. A seller listed a shirt I was interested in, late yesterday night. I sent a PM at 5:30 AM indicating that I was interested and made a reasonable offer, including asking for a paypal address if he accepted. The...
I've just received my first real shirt after the trial shirt. Maybe it's just me, but the quality of the fabric on the real shirt is miles ahead of the trial white shirt I received. But are about the same "regular" price. Fit is fantastic and I'm dialing in the measurements. very happy customer!
AAI have for sale an Armani Collezioni suit in 40R. It is in like new condition, and looks to be hardly worn at all. The pockets are still sewn shut. Suit is 2 button and nice and slim fitting, ventless. Color is an olive light brown/greenish. Pants are flat front and cuffless. Although a pincord pattern, the material is very soft, 90/10 Wool/Cotton blend. Made in Italy. The jacket looks great with jeans. Measurements are: S2S = 18" (although fits a little wider than...
AAAssorted colorful ties for sale. All in excellent condition. All will go great with a blue shirt Canali, Red with black and gold diamonds 58x3.5" - $18 Duchamp, multi-color square and dot pattern 57x3.5" - $30 Charles Tyrwhitt, Red blue and yellow plaid 57x3.5" - $15 Geoffrey Beene - Orrange and black 58x2.75" - $8 Boss - Orange diagonal stripes 57x3.5" - $18 Shipping is from Canada, $7 to Canada, and $10 to US. Flat shipping rate for multiple...
For sale: Hugo Boss gray pants in excellent condition. Flat front. Great staple item for $25. Tagged a 32R, but measures W: 16 3/4 + 2 3/4" L: 42 I: 31 + 1 F Rise: 11 1/2 R rise: 15 1/2 Note that I ship from Canada. Shipping will be $15 to US and Canada. Check out my other ads! !
general advice. Don't get too matchy matchy with tie and shirts. Think complimentary colors. Like blue or violet tie with pink shirt, red or orange tie with blue shirt...etc. Oh and as others have said, get a real pair of shoes. Color of yours is good, but the shape and style make you look like a summer intern straight out of community college
I have the same affliction. My big behind will automatically mean that pockets will flare out a bit whenever my big ass stretches the fabric slightly through routine movement. Some pockets styles, like this one, will be affected worse than others. Your pants do look a little baggy in the back and pocket area, but that may have been intentional on the part of the tailor if you explained your concerns before hand. Extra material will mean less pocket flaring during...
a great transaction with whusurdadi !! perfect!
Me too in Ottawa!! But MTM shoes are beyond my needs. OTR 43 always fits pretty well. Rather use the money to fund my tie addiction. Anyone need slim 40r suits for cheap? trying to sell a few locally after getting a bit bigger in size.
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