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I would say no. The suits are all poor fitting fused starter suits. I assume you are in Canada is you are mentioning Tip Top. Most of their suits are $400-500 for department store crap. Also, if you are bulking up, you will find that your traps will make your shoulders slope even more and you may need something with a very soft and tailored shoulder. Otherwise you will get the dreaded side shoulder dimples. For $500 budget on suits, I'd recommend Suitsupply. ...
I'm going to get skewered for this on SF, but I agree. Most of the lasts on AE are not very flattering. I find the same for most 'classically styled' but SF-adored UK brands. I find the shape to be too round and short around the toe box, and the last sticks out too much from the body. I usually go for a more 'Italian shaped' last, something a little more elongated but still round, without looking like some reject from a Jersey Shore casting call. I also don't...
Harry Rosen outlet store in Mississauga.
You can put that outfit together all day long at Marshall's , Daffy's or C21 in you are in NYC. You'll spend half your budget. But the key is to take it to a good tailor afterwards. You still come in under budget. FWIW I have the an outfit that looks 99% the same: $80 Incotex, $50 Barbera shirt, $200 Ferragamo. I did spent $25 at the tailor to slim the shirt on top of that.
Get rid of the black and dark pin stripe when going for a mix and match look. They are generally not very flattering and look like you have some orphaned suit jackets. Add a few brown blazers, like a versatile tweed or Prince of Wales check pattern. Again, contrast is key. Lights with darks, browns with blues, blues with pink or orange...etc.
In terms of fit, I'm sure you can find something in CT's Tailored fit line. Fabrics can not compare to other premium brands, but the fit should be great. They are also $40-50 each. Half my closet are CT Tailored, and the other half 'better' shirts, but they both fit equally well and the CT shirts are usually less than half the price.
Holy mother of all creation!!! How I wish I was a trust fund baby
I have 3 Leader USA suits and SCs. It's my go to fit for OTR. Jacket fits me perfectly. I find the sizing identical to the Canali and Zegnas I own with the Corneliani having slightly wider shoulders, maybe 1/4". I love them, and will continue to look for more. The tailoring I is spot on for my body with no bunching or excess fabric in the pits or back. I find HF to be roomier in the waist for the same size, and I don't like their fit. I have never seen a Leader model...
+3 Suitsupply
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